Wacky Wednesday! June 3

Whoop! Whoop!

Deane Doting

As I was delivering supplies today, I noticed the following..

  • Kindies are learning to follow directions and smile a lot!
  • 1-2 grade walked with a skip in their step and smile a lot!
  • 3-4 grade worked in teams, solved problems, and smile a lot!

Do you see the theme? Our Summer kids at CM are smiling a lot! The amazing thing is they are smiling while they are learning. The laughter and noise I hear emanating from the classroom is music to my ears! I can't wait to see what excitement lies ahead for our students.

The teamwork our Creekmoor Summer School family brings to the table is the best by far!

Keep taking risks! Keep stretching your practices!

Ask for help when you need it!

Model making mistakes as they occur!

And as always.. Know.. You are Safe and you are loved! Pass it on!


Fire Drill 12:30

Tornado Drill 12:45

Intruder Drill 1:00

Get your Contracts Here!

Contracts are in my office! Ready for your signature. Stop by anytime on Wednesday or Thursday to give us your John Hancocks

Cafeteria Comraderie!

Our Cousins in the Cafeteria are working hard to best serve our Summer School Schedule. We are striving to work hard to continue our Connection!

Breakfast Schedule - Starting Wednesday- Give Blue Bag with Lunch Count and $$. MARK MONEY WITH FIRST AND LAST NAME OF CHILD,

  • STOP 1: Scott, Friday, Pinney - Cart will park near the library for Kindergarten to stop by on their way to the classroom. Pinney will also be first to get Grab & Go for breakfast to accommodate her PE Schedule
  • STOP 2: Calkins (1-2) along with Dodson, Beck, Showen, & Milligan.
  • STOP 3: Smith, Taylor
  • STOP 4: Linn, Sped
If your students are not offered breakfast, please contact the office by 8:45 to let us know to resolve the situation!

The cafeteria asks all teachers to send out a reminder to parents that Grab & Go breakfast does cost moolah and is not free. Encourage parents to let you know if they do not want their child to eat breakfast.

Soda, Pop, Coke

Whatever you choose to call it.. we need some! I will be purchasing a few cases of soda from my own money, placing them in the teacher's lounge on the honor system. Please deposit $0.75 for soda. Proceeds will be used to purchase incentives for our PAT program. If you have a specific request, text me tonight.