Bacon's Weekly Bit

Friday, February 12, 2016


Where did last week go? It was a short week with an early release day and a Valentine party. Last week we took a little different approach during our classroom day. We specifically planned our "Instructional Time" together and we planned "Independent Time" to work. Basically, we made "To Do" tasks lists for each kiddo. Every kiddo knew the expectations and we had multiple checks for progress and questions. Several kids shared that they LOVED the classroom working this way. Talk to your kiddos about what and why they liked or disliked our use of time this week. This really allowed students to work at their own pace, collaborate with peers to learn, and seek help from me as needed. It also allowed me to meet with every child about their reading skills. Not to mention, it allowed students some independence and autonomy while being held accountable for learning. The "Instructional Time" for ELA seemed much more meaningful and kids were attentive because they needed this time to be able to complete tasks. Independent time seemed to really allow kids to have a choice in how they used their time, some started with math and some with writing, and others with reading. They were more engaged, from my perspective, because they were in control of their activity.

If I met with you at conferences, thank you. It was wonderful to have ample time to really discuss our students and their needs as we become closer to 5th grade. If I didn't get to see you face-to-face, I missed seeing you and I will be checking in with you. I'm so blessed to share this year with each and every one of your kiddos!

Next Week:

Spelling - Unit 21

Reading - Main Idea, Key Details, and Conclusions using Civil War

Writing - Revising, Editing, and Publishing their Opinion Writing

Grammar - Prefixes/Roots/Suffixes practice

Science - Review Rocks, Rock Cycles, and learn "What is Soil?"

Math - Comparing and Ordering Fractions

CDT Assessment

Your child will be taking an online test this week called the CDT (Classroom Diagnostic Tool) in Reading and Math. The state has released this test to allow schools to experience a test that will be similar to the state MAP (Missouri Assessment Program) test. The benefits of this test are that students will receive feedback about performance when the testing window closes, it allows us to provide feedback on specific test taking skills, and it helps build working stamina. Our working stamina definitely needs work, so this will allow us to practice. I laughed when a student was getting a pencil the other day and under her breath said something like, "This is the most work I've ever done. I've never written this much." Another student and I laughed and she realized we heard her. Funny, because all they were doing was brainstorming and drafting their opinion writing. I would think the narrative and informational writing was much more, but hey...what do I know?! ;)

This online assessment will give our students and staff an opportunity to sharpen the saw before our MAP test in April. It is a great opportunity to see where we are performing. I am excited to see how much growth they have made this year!

Summer School Enrollment

Last week, on Monday, you received the Summer School letter in your child's mailbox. If you need or want more information, click here.