Panda PAWS 6.5

May 16-20, 2022

Important Events for the Week

Saturday Language Testing is this Saturday, May 14th. All rooms on the campus will be utilized.

PreK 3 Show and Tell Assessment Monday-Friday

Monday, May 16
  • PreK 3 EOY Ceremonies

Tuesday, May 17

Wednesday, May 18

  • PreK 3 EOY Ceremonies
  • EOY Staff Mtg

Thursday, May 19

  • PreK 3 EOY Ceremonies

Friday, May 20

  • Field Day
  • Grades Due


PreK 3 EOY Ceremony Schedule can be found on the Pierce Outlook Calendar

Technology Information for EOY:

Just a few things to share with you. Thanks for your help.

  • Teachers, please collect all student devices. If you want to turn in your student devies early, feel free to reach out to Christy and she will get them.
  • All paraprofessionals except office paras are to turn in devices issued to them to Christy. Names will be put on the devices and returned to them in August.
  • Student devices will be on the EOY check out list for Christy to sign off on. Please ensure that all students have returned their devices.
  • Final Collection day for Pierce is May 26th.

Shout Outs

From Tracy:

Thank you thank you thank you to my Pierce Familia for showing love during the promotion celebration.

Lupe, Li, and Ali, it was a pleasure sharing a fancy dinner with you and your families during Salute to Service. Congratulations!

Mrs. Yi, you are doing a fabulous job in your new role as our Assistant Principal.

Brooke, thank you for the P T-shirt.

From Karen:

Shout out to all the teachers, IA’s and wonderful staff here at Pierce. I say it often, but I love working with this group of people. Thanks for making me smile and laugh every day.

Thanks so much for the School Nurses' Day love!

Lupe and Marisol-Thank you for fueling me with a supply of my favorite beverage! Y’all know what keeps me running.

Room 105-thank you so much for starting my Wednesday off right with the breakfast tacos-they were delicious!

Bilingual PK3 Team-I'll be thinking about y'all this summer when I'm enjoying my Sonic Happy Hour drinks and snacks-thanks so much!

Gonzales and Yi-you know how to make sure I’m here and happy in the mornings-LOL!

Beas-thanks for beautifying my desk and providing some afternoon sugar supplements.

Gloria-thanks for the awesome card(s)!

From Norma:

Brooke Robertson, thank you so much for that amazing tee! You are super talented!

Lupe Moreno. Thank you for helping me with the flat bed and boxes of donated books! You rock! And…for the delicious snack! It was super yummy!

Marcela Montes seeing your encouraging smile everyday makes my day! Thank you for being you!

Jennifer Cimaglia you are the ultimate student champion! Thank you for being so dedicated and loving with our students every day!

Gladymar Castillo thank you for the Head Start goodies!

Shout out to all Pierce staff. Thank you for making me feel so welcome! It feels great to be part of such an amazing team!