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Vol. 8 No. 21 February 14, 2022

Keller ISD Artists Qualify for State VASE Contest

This year's Region 11 Visual Arts Scholastic Event (VASE) was held virtually on February 5th, where 56 Keller ISD Artists qualified for the State Visual Arts Scholastic Event. The State VASE Contest will be held April 29-30.

The mission of the High School Visual Arts Scholastic Event (VASE) is to "recognize exemplary student achievement in the Visual Arts by providing high school art students and programs a standard of excellence in which to achieve."

Approximately 35,000 students enter the VASE contest throughout 29 Regional Events around the state. Students create artworks, write about their creative processes, and articulate information about their artwork during an interview with a VASE juror, who evaluates their work using a standards-based rubric. Artworks receiving a Superior Rating (IV) are presented a Regional Medal. The top artworks with Superior Ratings advance to the State Event.

Congratulations to this year's state qualifiers:

Central High School

(Name - Title - Instructor)

Sydney Bao - 'Daydreaming' - Jay Asp

Rowan Cooksey - 'I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream' - Jay Asp

Krystine Vuong - 'All American Girl' - Jay Asp

Krystine Vuong - 'Sleeping Beauty' - Jay Asp

Kristina Hoang - 'Possibility' - Jodi Kitson

Diesl Chavez - 'Maple 4' - Lauren Horn

Eli Haddox - 'Deadline Piece' - Lauren Horn

Fossil Ridge High School

(Name - Title - Instructor)

Gabriel Franco - 'Renew Your Mind' - Isabel Link

Alissa Bustos - 'Letter To Self' - Lisa Garner

Vy Hong - 'Enchanted' - Lisa Garner

Josiah Winter - 'Fragmented Vision' - Lisa Garner

Keller High School

(Name - Title - Instructor)

Ava Coffman - 'There Is Always A Little Light' - Bridget Arora

Cat Hayden - 'Aubrey' - Bridget Arora

Rae Chi - 'King David' - Carey Mcnutt

Mackenzie Pauling - 'Pulling From Death' - Carey Mcnutt

Mackenzie Pauling - 'Sea Serpent' - Carey Mcnutt

Parker Anderson - 'Alien Abduction' - Chris Stickel

Teagan Ankerson - 'Weight Of Doubt' - Chris Stickel

Tessa Ashlin - '2 Cent Cut' - Chris Stickel

James Bianco - 'Baptism By Fear' - Chris Stickel

Bridget Cockrell - 'No Sleep' - Chris Stickel

Cadence Curtis - 'Selfish' - Chris Stickel

Paige Hendrick - 'Future Fishing' - Chris Stickel

Twiss Rogers - 'Our Name' - Chris Stickel

Ciara Ryan-Farrell - 'American Worker' - Chris Stickel

Sara Semmler - 'Stolen' - Chris Stickel

Sara Semmler - 'Chance' - Chris Stickel

Baylie Simon - 'Unforgivable' - Chris Stickel

Baylie Simon - 'Ruined' - Chris Stickel

Adeola Solarin - 'A Burst Of Self Assurance' - Chris Stickel

Piper Stevens - 'Soul Searching' - Chris Stickel

Sarah Coleman - 'Twin Pelicans' - Craig Gould

Megan Mcgann - 'Cycle' - Craig Gould

Ashlyn Loera - 'Two Scoops' - Kerri Mullin

Jordan Mueller - 'Growing Pains Part 4.3' - Kerri Mullin

Emily Nguyen - 'Infernal Heart' - Kerri Mullin

Timber Creek High School

(Name - Title - Instructor)

Isabel Bustos - 'Reversal In Time' - Camille Gibbons-Kerr

Morgan Conklin - 'Everything And Nothing' - Camille Gibbons-Kerr

Alycia Evans - 'Laolao' - Camille Gibbons-Kerr

Jamie Pag-Ong - 'Prehistoric Painting' - Camille Gibbons-Kerr

Lana Yu - 'Through The Blinds' - Camille Gibbons-Kerr

Jasmine Adams - 'Caged In' - Chrissy Fitch

Saniya Anderson - 'Self Portrait' - Chrissy Fitch

Elyn Autrey - 'Pogo The Clown' - Chrissy Fitch

Ella Neuwirth - '11:11' - Chrissy Fitch

Hannah Ongmanchi - 'Productivity' - Chrissy Fitch

Skylar Wright - 'End Of The World' - Chrissy Fitch

Ayan Alam - 'Shattered Time' - Hoang Nguyen

Isabel Bustos - 'Overwhelming Existence' - Hoang Nguyen

Dorian Crutchfield - 'Spirit Of Funk' - Hoang Nguyen

Carolina Gutierrez - 'Timeless' - Hoang Nguyen

Bao-Nhi Nguyen - 'People-Watching' - Hoang Nguyen

Ashley Waihenya - 'Stressed' - Hoang Nguyen

Gabriella Doe - 'La Rana Dorada' - Marcy Gardner

Kayla Hoston - 'Speechless' - Marcy Gardner

Gwendolyn Lindbloom - 'Eureka Springs In The Afternoon' - Marcy Gardner

Keller High School Band Director Honored with Membership to Phi Beta Mu

Keller High School Assistant Director of Bands Ryan Heath has been elected to membership in Phi Beta Mu, an International Bandmaster Fraternity. Phi Beta Mu is an honorary, non-political, non-profit fraternity established in 1938. There are approximately 350 active members in Texas with additional chapters in most of the 50 states as well as several other countries. Mr. Heath was inducted at the annual TMEA convention in San Antonio this past weekend. He was sponsored by Indian Springs Band Director David Puckett. Co-sponsors were CHS Director Kevin McNulty and Darla McBryde from Sam Houston State University.

In order to be considered for membership in Phi Beta Mu, one must have at least ten years of successful teaching experience and must have produced and maintained an outstanding and consistent band program in the public schools.

Big picture
Pictured from left, Kevin McNulty, David Puckett, Ryan Heath, and Mark McGahey.

Keller ISD Music Directors at TMEA

A special thank you to these Keller ISD music directors who shared their knowledge and expertise with the membership of the Texas Music Educators Association Convention last weekend.

Not only does Keller ISD have incredibly smart fine arts teachers, but they are selfless leaders in our state, and graciously share their knowledge with others.

Big picture
Hillwood MS Choral Director, Jodi Coke, "Middle School Choir: Recruit, Retain, & Rebuild"
Big picture
Hillwood Middle School Band Director, Zach Woolhouse, "Saxophone Success in the First Year,"
Big picture
Leigh Ann McClure and Nick Chabot, and the Sounds of Central Show Choir, "You Can Do It Too, Use Show Choir to Boost Your Program"
Big picture
Keller Middle School Band Director David Puckett, "A Practical Guide to Recruitment and Retention"


This week's exhibit features artists from the studio of Wani Coker from Timber Creek High School.
Big picture

Art 1 Class Collaborative Relief Sculpture

Big picture

Daylin Noriega, 11th grade, Mixed media

Big picture

"Carley", Sydney McAlexander, 11th grade, Acrylic

Big picture

"French Toast and Egg", Hailey Street, 9th grade, 3D

Big picture

"Dreaming", Abbi Newsom, 11th grade, Mixed media

Big picture

"Gretel's House", Cora Jones, 9th grade, 3D Cardboard Sculpture

This Week in KISD Fine Arts

Tuesday, February 15

Eagle Ridge 3rd Grade Performance, 5:30 pm

Wednesday, February 16

KISD Middle School Choir Pre-UIL

Thursday, February 17

KHES 1st Fairytale ball, 6:00 pm

TCHS Orchestra Mid-Winter Concert, 7:00 pm

Coming Soon!

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