Travel to Athens

By Kaitlyn Chang


There are many things Athens has to offer. Such as homes, education, and a democracy. It's historical ruins will amaze you and their way of life is much better then their strict neighbors. Learn why Athens is the place to be.

Democracy and Governmet


In Athens, people are allowed to vote whether or not they should go to war. This is called a democracy. In other words, instead of a King or Queen, the people rule themselves. The people, who are male citizens, meet on the Pnyx along with the council that brings forward new laws. There the citizens vote on the new law. This will happen every 10 days or so. (See map for location of Pnyx)


In Sparta, at the age of seven, boys are forced to go to military school. Decisions in war are made for them. They fight under orders, which is a disadvantage towards an enemy fighting for themselves. While in school, they learned little art and literature. They were given a little amount of food and were forced to fight each other. They entered the army at the age of 20.

Where is Athens?

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Athens is the center of art and literature. Philosophers live there so they can think and learn what they want. If you want, you can come to study in Athens like others. Kids in Athens are sent to school to learn to read, write and act. And unlike Sparta, citizens only need to serve once in the military.


The ancient Olympic games take place at Olympia. Located on the western part of the Peloponnese, the games consist of boxing, wrestling, jumping, discus throw, javelin throw, and chariot racing. Before competing, athletes must take an oath stating they have been training for 10 months prior to the games.

The Dionysia Festival

This festival is planned by the archons, who's jobs were mostly planning ceremonial activities and festivities. The Dionysia Festival is a celebration for Dionysus, the god of wine. For Athenian citizens, the festival was a day of drinking, fun, plays and parties. You don't want to miss it!

Everyday Life

In Athens, you would mostly eat olives, grapes, and fish. You would get most of these foods at the agora, which is located at the foot of the acropolis. The methods of transportation such as carriage or wagons are pricey. The main way for you to get around is to walk. Here is a home I would recommend to stay at. It has a courtyard and several rooms for your needs.
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If you like Athens then come and join our city-state!