Influences of food choices

by runas basnet

Physical needs

For physical need, you need food for lot of things like survival, hunger, health status, and energy level. Eating healthy food help it a lot not like sweet or junk food because it will make your fat which decrease your survival. How, well your health status is low of by fat you are which increased your chances of diabetes, cholesterol, and other stuff. Energy level is low because you have lot of weight and also when you are fat, hunger rise which means your survival chance are low again.

Psychological food

Psychological impact your choices on food. Sometimes when you look at a food before that you never seen or eat. The first thing is you don't like because you what or how it taste. Maybe it smells bad or look disgusting or both. But when you eat your attitude on the food it changes and you like it. Also sometimes it your memories of the time your eat that food. For example, you never try pizza before but you like, then it make you want to it again and again. But maybe when try pizza you didn't like and every time you look at pizza you get disgusting look on your face because you think it will taste like the last you ate one.

Personal Food Preference

Who one my personal favorite food is rice and chicken curry. Well because its delicious. The way it look great, the smell makes your stomach growling like a bear for it, and taste it is so amazing. Rice and chicken curry you can combine with other food like dal(soup) or other things you like to eat with.

Food Availability

They a lot of type of food that come in season only. Which make hard for some people because they like that type of food but also means the season right now has food that comes only that time. For example, lobsters is in season right now and they lot of it but when the season is done it will be hard to get lobsters.

Social settings

Sometime when you see lot of people eat the same food like in lunches. You want to eat it to. Well because other people are eating it to and makes you think it must be good and famous or part of a trend which makes you want it. Like in cafeteria , people buy Hot Cheetos a lot and only that so people copy that and eat that to.

Society & Culture

One thing that factor what you eat is your culture. Based on your culture food you might eat that type of lot or not. For example Indian culture has a lot of different types of food like chicken biryani , chicken tikka masala, paneer curry and lot more to. Your culture or culture has different types of food in which make it different form other