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Mobile apps that can be used in a K-12 classroom

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In this module, we are asked to research different educational apps and how they can be applied in a K-12 classroom. Here are the ones that I find are both creative and useful!

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1) MOBL21

Mobl21 is a mobile structured way of learning. Mobl21 gives students instant access to valuable learning material, anywhere, anytime. As a result, students can now make use of those idle minutes between classes, or commuting, to glance through notes or review material before the next class.

Mobl21 also helps educators easily create learning material, and publish to multiple users or groups. Additional tool features enable educators to track and monitor content access and view test performances.

Can be used on iPhone and iPod

How can it be used in a K-12 classroom?

You can use this tool to download study notes, flash cards and practice quizzes for that extra aid for studying!

More appropriate for junior high-high school.

For example: Grade 11 biology students can do practice quizzes on the reproduction unit before an exam.

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Check out this video about MOBL21!


2) Animation Creator HD Express

Animation Creator is a creative outlook with a powerful drawing tool, colour palettes, colour sliders, shadowing and framing! The perfect tool for creating your own pictures.

How can it be used in a K-12 classroom?

Animation Creator can be used in a classroom to provide an alternative option for assessment. Insead of taking a test, a student could use this app to create a picture that displays what they have learnt. Also, it could be used in younger grades to create portraits or stories!

More appropriate for Kindergarden-grade 6.

For example: A grade 4 class could create illustrations about what they did over summer holidays.

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3) Sock Puppets

Sock Puppets lets you create your own lip-synched videos and share them on YouTube. You can add puppets, props, scenery, and backgrounds.
Sock Puppet app video

How can it be used in a K-12 classroom?

Sock puppet can be used in a classroom as a form of a project. Kids can use this app to re-tell stories or to creative their own.

More appropriate for kindergarten-grade 3

For example: A kindergarten class uses this app to re-tell a nursery rhythme.

Sock Puppet app in kindergarten

4) Comic and Meme Creator

This app allows you to create comics, memes and bitstrips. You can then share them with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and by Email.

Includes favorite super heroes and villains like Spiderman, Ironman, Captain America, Hulk, Wolverine, Batman and also includes cartoon characters like Simpsons, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Bugs Bunny etc. and lots of custom characters and objects.

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How can it be used in a K-12 classroom?

This app can be used in a classroom for creative projects! Students can create their own comic or can interpret a story into a comic.

Appropriate for all grade levels.

For example: A grade 10 english class has to interpret a scene from The Great Gatsby into a comic strip.

For example: A grade 3 class has to create their own comic about their favourite superhero.

5) Course Notes

CourseNotes lets you take notes during your classes! You can review your notes later and search through multiple class lessons and notes all at once. You can also track assignments by providing a due date.

Miss a class? Need to print or share your notes with a friend? you can share your note sessions via email or peer-to-peer networking with other CourseNotes users over Bluetooth or a local network.

How can it be used in a K-12 classroom?

CourseNotes can be used in a classroom for students to take notes and organize them better. Students can have all their notes on this app, which can be found quicker and read easier. Also, if you miss a class, you can get your notes from someone else using this app. This app makes note taking quicker, more efficient and environmental friendly!

Appropriate for all grades.

For example: A grade 12 student takes notes about the digestive system and sends them to her friend via email, who has been sick with the flu for a week.

For example: A grade 6 student creates notes using this app and reminds himself that he has a test coming up next week.

Overview: CourseNotes for iPad