EPT Admin Asst Meetings



The Administrative Assistants for the Educational Programs and Technology Department meet monthly to collaborate and share information and resources. The EPT Department is comprised of the following areas-

*Adult Education Services (Centennial)

*Career and Technical Education (Lawrence College and Career Center)

*Lawrence Virtual School (Wakarusa Valley)

*Technology Services (ESDC)

February 16, 2016 Meeting Location- ESDC (District Office)

Special thanks to Joe Smysor for spending the morning with us discussing all things Google!


  1. Group- Everyone create a survey in Google Forms and share with the group!
  2. Dawn- Continue to share info with the group regarding health insurance (changeover to Aetna)
  3. Dawn- Share info with group regarding Lunch & Learns and after hours professional learning activities.
  4. Group-Use the Galaxy Tab 4's and contact Dawn with any questions/concerns.
  5. Group- Review info on stress/imbalance (from Dec 2015 mtg) and try to incorporate atleast one suggestion into your life (page 6-7)

Topics of Discussion

Today was spent discussing and learning about Google related programs and apps. There are several such as-

  1. Google Drive (limitless storage availability)
  2. Google Docs (online version of MS Word)
  3. Google Sheets (online version of MS Excel)
  4. Google Slides (online version of MS PowerPoint)
  5. Google Forms (online forms/surveys)
  6. Google Hangouts/Hangouts on Air (web conferencing)
  7. Google Blogger (creates a blog)
  8. Google Classroom (to be used by educator in the classroom)

FYI-Everyone in the district has a Google account and a Google email. The email is the same as your current email address. If you also have a personal gmail account- be sure you know which one you are are working in.

To access Google programs- go to www.google.com. Sign in using your district name/password (that you use to get into your computer). Now do the following-

Click on the grid next to your name .

Click on the Google Drive Icon.

Click "New" and pick the program you want to use (Docs, Sheets, Slides or More).

My Drive is where your documents are stored. You can also create folders for better organization. "Shared with me" refers to all documents that were shared with you by someone else. Bear in mind that you do not need to physically save. Everything is continuously and automatically saved. You can also drag and drop documents, pictures, etc into your drive.

Majority of the time today was spent on Google Forms. This is a quick way to make a form/questionnaire/survey that can be shared with others. The responses will be available for the sender to view in an excel spreadsheet automatically.

There are sections that must be completed. You must click done as you leave each section and move on to the next. The default for the Form is that a person must have LPS login to be able to view the form- keep this setting unless it will also be sent to people outside the district.

You are able to customize the form by adding title, determining question type, determining number of questions and theme (how it looks). As you are creating the form, you can "View Live Form" to see how it will look once you send it out.

To send it out- there a couple of ways but the least cumbersome is to click the blue button (upper right hand corner)- "Send form". You can share a link via Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus. Or you can send the form via email. All USD 497 employees are listed- so you can start typing a person's name and it will appear...

Once you a send out the form/survey- answers will be captured with date, time, name, etc. You will be able to View Responses - one of your options in the row of tabs at top of page.

When creating your form, be sure to ask for the information that you really want to capture. Good info comes from a good form!

There is so much to learn regarding Google and its programs. You truly just need to jump in and start using it in order to gain a true understanding. Please remember that you can access Atomic Learning for info/training on all things Google!

~~~Staff Related ~~~


The Kansas Supreme Court gave the Kansas Legislature until June 30 to fix what a three-judge panel has called an unconstitutional block grant school finance system or it will strike down the current finance system, essentially leaving school districts without funds for the 2016-17 school year. "Without a constitutionally equitable school finance system, the schools in Kansas will be unable to operate beyond June 30," the Court said in its decision.

How does this affect Lawrence Public Schools? The Court has given the Legislature another chance to develop a school finance system that satisfies Constitutional requirements. Our schools will continue to operate under the current block grant. We will have to wait to see how the Legislature responds to the Court's ruling.

As more information becomes available, it will be shared!

*HSA's- the district's Health Savings Accounts are now managed by Optum (previously through US Bank). Employees may use the same links, phone numbers and log-in information to access your online account, you will now see, however, the Optum logo. Check out the Optum Consumer FAQ or the district's HSA Sharepoint page for additional information.

Optum is sending out new HSA cards to all cardholders. New cards will arrive at your home address no later than March 1, 2016. US Bank HSA cards will not work after February 29, 2016.

Black Out Day - March 1, 2016, will be a black out day for HSA cards. This means cardholders will not be able to use either the US Bank HSA card or the Optum HSA card for this day only.

Tax Information - Remember to sign into your HSA Account and print your 1099-SA before completing your 2015 taxes. Once logged in to Optum, click on 'View my HSA tax statements' in the middle of the page.

For questions or concerns, please contact Sarah Hamlin, Benefits Compliance Coordinator (ext 2453).

Did You Know?!?

Joe Smysor is the district's Integration Support Specialist. He is our technology guru (Apple certified, Google certified, etc...) He can provide trainings for groups or individuals. If the Admin Assts group has specific areas that they would like to receive trainings on - please let Dawn know so that she can coordinate with Joe. If you need assistance with a task or a specific question, you can contact the help desk (x4357) or Joe at 330.4831, jsmysor@usd497.org. Again, Joe is a big advocate of staff utilizing Atomic learning (sign-in should be your computer login and password).


The Social Service League has teamed up again with community members to have their annual Prom Dress Drive & Giveaway. The Drive is from February 10-March 22 and the Giveaway is March 26 from 10 a.m.-3 p.m. at the Lawrence Public Library auditorium. We are asking for donations of gently used formal dresses, accessories and shoes. Donations may be taken to the following sites:

  • Social Service League, 905 Rhode Island St, (785) 843-5414
  • Ditto, 4000 W 6th St, (785) 856-4321
  • Lynisha Thomas at Lawrence High, (785) 330-4631
  • Urban Outfitters, 1013 Massachusetts St, (785) 842-3555

This giveaway is open to any middle or high school student in Lawrence and the surrounding areas. If you have questions, please contact the Social Service League at (785) 843-5414 or Lynisha Thomas at Lawrence High x 4631.


HELP Desk (Technology assistance)- x4357 or contact MaryAnne (x2499).



BARB - 2/26



Next EPT Admin Asst Mtg

Tuesday, March 15th, 9am

This is an online event.


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