The Oregon Trail

The daily duties for each day on the trail!

Even though it is early in the morning, there is a lot of work to be done!

The night watchmen fire their guns at four a.m to let the pioneers know that day is begining. Right after the pioneers hear the gun the get their clothes on and start to do all the chores that need to be done! After they get their clothes on, the pioneers make breakfast. To make a fire you need to find a trench and some fuel. The pioneers soon realized that buffalo chips, (buffalo droppings) made great fuel for the fire without smoke or smell. The meals the pioneers eat are very big filling meals. The pioneers drink coffee with every meal. They rarely drink plain water because the water is often polluted. Sometimes the water is so bad the animals won't drink it. After breakfast the pioneers hitched up their wagons and were off.

During the day, it was pretty easy going along the trail!

The midday break, also known as nooning, gave pioneers a chance to take a break from the trail. The pioneers stopped the wagon at noon and then continued moving at about 5:00 (early evening). The pioneers sat and ate their grub during nooning time!
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In the evening there is some hard work, but not much!

When a suitable camp was spotted, the wagon train came to a stop at the sight. Then eight wagons formed a circle called a "mess". The dinner was made then the dishes were stored. By the next morning the pioneers were ready to travel on!