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Schedule & Material Pick-up Updates and More! (v. 8.28.20)

Bringing Things Into Focus

Thank you Patrick Marsh Band Families as we continue to bring things "into focus" for the upcoming year. We have a few important updates below regarding a modification to your student's schedule as well as information about the upcoming material pick-up days. As always, reach out if you have any questions or concerns!

Band Schedule & Lessons Change

You may have noticed that your child's schedule for this fall didn't include band, choir, or orchestra during the 8-1 instruction time. 6th and 7th grade students were assigned an elective "period" depending on what house they were in. Through some constructive and collaborative discussions with our administration, we were able to replace band, choir, and orchestra for whatever elective they had listed. For example, if your child had art listed as their elective and they are in band, they would do band on M,T, W, TH instead.

If your child is in two music classes, see the scenarios below:

IF a student is in Choir & Band they will do Choir on A days and Band on B days**

IF a student is in Choir & Orchestra they will do Choir on A days and Orch on B days**

IF a student is in Band & Orchestra they will do Band on A days and Orch on B days**

**Remember - A Days will always be Monday, Thursday, B Days will always be Tuesday, Friday

Students will meet with us for band during their elective time on the schedule (we may not always keep them online synchronously during the 35 minutes available, but we will meet.) We will also schedule individual 15-minute weekly lesson times with your children. Some students will be schedule right out of the elective time provided and others will have a lesson between 1:30-3:30 pm Mon-Friday, or in the morning on Wednesday.

We will begin assigning lesson times soon and will share it with you in order to make adjustments, etc.

This is really GREAT news. We are very thankful to the administration for making this change. We will now be able to see your children consistently throughout the week while opening up lesson times that will not conflict with other classes.

Material Pick Up Days

  • Next week Patrick Marsh will offer a series of times for families to pick up materials.
  • Band WILL have a station available on the first two of the four dates for families to pick up supplies.
  • Band will be at PMMS on Tuesday, Sept 1 and Wednesday, Sept 2 from Noon to 6 pm both days.
  • ALL 7th grade band members will have a folder filled with music to pick up. So please plan to stop by on Sept 1 or Sept 2
  • 6th grade band members do not need to stop unless they need one of the following:

-Ward Brodt Order That Was Delivered

-Missing Lesson Book or Other Supply

-Wire Music Stand

-Damaged or Non-Working Band Instrument

Big picture

Ordering Supplies from Ward Brodt - Don't Delay!!

If you still need supplies - don't delay! If you place your order in the next day or two it will be delivered to PMMS in time for the Pick-Up Days!!

If you are ordering supplies from Ward Brodt you can visit their website at Order what you need and then at check out you can choose school delivery under the shipping section. Your supplies will be delivered to Patrick Marsh and we will make sure you get them. If you are unsure what kind of reeds/valve oil/slide grease to purchase, I have attached a list of recommended supplies below. You can also contact Mr. Gleason with any questions.

Saxophone Interest Form (7th Band Only)

We typically start several students on saxophone at the end of 6th grade. Unfortunately we were unable to do this due to the COVID shutdown last year. I would still like to go ahead and start students on saxophone at the beginning of this school year. If your child is interested in saxophone please fill out the attached interest form. Deadline is Sept 11

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