Semester Project

By Jacob Duban

Topics :Culture, Language, Gender Roles,


  1. knowledge, values, customs, and physical objects passed from one generation to another.
  2. Culture is important to explain how sociology works.
  3. Culture and society are closely related.
  4. They have a mutual relationship.
  5. Human behavior is based on culture
  6. Norms and values are a very important part of sociology
  7. Norms define normal behavior
  8. Values are what norms are based on, and what people believe is desirable


  1. Symbols, language, and culture are all intertwined
  2. Transmitting culture to the next generation, or cultural transmission, is heavily dependent upon symbols.
  3. symbols include physical objects, to sounds, smells and tastes (e.g, Indian people love spicy food)
  4. language frees humans from limits of time and place.
  5. We use language to pass our ideas, experiences, and lessons on to younger generations
  6. according to sociologists, language is our guide to reality
  7. exposure to another language can alter our perception
  8. Language can cause problems in some countries because people are trained to dismiss sound or they are not.

Gender Roles:

  1. In many ways, anatomy is destiny for most Americans
  2. Females are believed to be naturally more passive, need more protection
  3. biological determinism is the belief that behavioral differences are the result of inherited physical characteristics
  4. This theory lacks scientific proof
  5. Kids act as their parents expect, creating gender identity
  6. There are differences in males and females
  7. Men have better fighting reflexes while women are better at emotional expression
  8. Men value physical appearance more then women while girls want income and social status.

Topics: Sports, Agents of Socialization


  1. sports are an important part of world culture
  2. it is important because it lets us compete
  3. People practice and work to be the best at what they do
  4. Girls and boys sports are separated
  5. Some sports are viewed as men's sports and some as womens
  6. Important aspects include competition, its involvement in culture, lets people express themselves through their team.

Agents of Socialization

  1. The family is generally the first agent of socialization
  2. What the family does is what the child learns is right
  3. they also reinforce gender roles
  4. Socialization varies by social class
  5. If a family makes more money they inspire different things from their children
  6. Working class parents like conformity in children
  7. religion is another important agent
  8. religion strengthens family

How these topics are similiar

Topics effect on life and current events

These topics effect my life each and every day. Sports has helped me find new friends and develop a strong group of friends. I experience culture and language and gender roles everyday also. Gender roles are prevalent today because they are everywhere. People are so accustomed to them they do not realize they follow them