All About Me

by natalyn

My Family!

I have 6 people in my family. I have one brother and one sister. My brother's name is Taylor, and my sister's name is Bryleigh. My step dad's name is Bryce, my mom's name is Jen, and my dad's name is Justin. I also have one dog. Her name is Brie.The picture that you see is my mom, Bryce, Taylor, Bryleigh and me!


-get an A on the STAR test

-help animals

-get better at horseback riding

-go to college

-go to Germany


I like riding horses. I like riding horses because I get to lead them. When the horse canters, the wind blows on my face.

I also like drawing. I like drawing because I love colors. I mix colors to make a colorful design.

Here is a picture of the horse I ride and me!

Important memory

I went to New York to go to see my uncle. We went to the beach! I was digging to build a sandcastle. Then I saw a baby crab! So I took it to my uncles house. I looked inside the bucket that I put the crab in. It wasn't there! So I looked the next day. It was there! Then I let it out.

Here is a shell I found!