Warren Buffet

The Business Genius

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His Pathway to Sucess

Warren Buffet is one of the richest and most respected business men in the world but he did not start out like this.

Warren started by investing his money in the stock market. He realized that big risk equals big reward and because of this he made money.

After he had some money he decided to invest it into a company. Not by investing in the stock market but instead by buying undervalued companies. He would basically look at a multitude of companies that were undervalued (in buying terms) go into the company and investigate. He looked at everything from statistics to employees to the specifics of what the company was supplying. If he liked the company he would buy it out at a great price. After he bought the company the company's sales would boom as he predicted and he would make a considerable amount of money. This is basically what Berkshire Hathaway is, except people are investing into this through stocks.

So how does this tie into leadership?

Well Buffet has to lead hundreds of businesses each day. Although he does not directly lead the companies he has to lead the leaders which in a way is harder than leading a group of people. As a result, he has to be a great leader. Also, there is a difference between a boss and a leader. Many people look at their manager as a boss. The goal as a leader is for your companions to think of you as a boss not as a leader. And Warren Buffet leads his thousands of employees, instead of bossing them around.

So what makes Warren Buffett a good leader?

Just from listening to this man speak you can tell he is a very intelligent man, that knows what he is doing, is patient, and is very humble. And what people want is someone that knows what they're doing and Warren Buffet definitely fulfills that requirement. Also, Buffet has years of experience. He might not have been the best when he started as he admitted, but he has learned so much over the years that contributed to his leadership ability.