Anne Frank and Joseph Heinrich

Courage is a major theme in The Diary of Anne Frank.

The Frank family showed a lot of courage throughout the war. First, Otto Frank showed courage by letting Mr. Dussel into the Annex, even when there was already a shortage of food. Personally, I probably wouldn't have let him in, because I wouldn't want to live with a stranger. Also, Anne showed courage, because she kept her hopes for the future, and she tried really hard to push her fears aside during hiding.

Joseph Heinrich had a lot of courage during the Holocaust.

Joseph Heinrich was a 14-year-old Jew that lived in Germany during the Holocaust. He had a lot of courage, because he showed strength even during the really tough times. Joseph had to move from place to place in hiding from the Nazis while his parents were in concentration camps. His sister was in a safe house during the war, while he and his brother had to move around. His father was arrested along with his uncle earlier into the war, and eventually had to go to a concentration camp , and his mother had to leave to go to one too soon after.

Courage is a theme that is relevant to my life.

Courage is a theme that is relevant to my life, because I always have to preform in front of a lot of people. I love playing memorized music on the piano in front of crowds, even though I get nervous that I could hit a wrong key, or forget the notes.