iMovie Cheat Sheet

Creating a Trailer in iMovie for iOS

Video, Projects, Theater Menu

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  • Open video, projects, and theater menus to get a look
  • Find and explore integrated help features
  • Import from iTunes
  • Discuss why
  • Open video menu
  • Explore various features including speed adjustments and selecting favorites
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Create a new project

  • Open projects menu
  • Click the + to create a new project
  • Select trailer project
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Choose trailer theme

  • Preview various trailer themes
  • Select Scary theme
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Working with the Outline view

  • Click to change title and credits
  • Demonstrate the undo button
  • Play the preview
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Working with media

  • Explore the storyboard view
  • Point out suggested media framing
  • Turn on help feature
  • Identify key functions
  • Select media and insert into trailer
  • Play back at intervals to preview progress

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Sharing and Publishing

  • Open Theater menu
  • Identify interface controls
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  • Tap a poster of the scary movie project
  • Identify interface controls
  • Open share sheet
  • Explore sharing options as a group
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