Andrew Jackson is a Zero NOT a Hero

President? More like KING!

"The Trail of Tears"/Indian Removal Act

Jackson wanted to move the Cherokee Indians from THEIR land, when they were there before anyone else. Even after Worcester v. Georgia, Jackson decided to ignore the supreme court and move the Indians anyway. Its completely unfair to the Indians. NOBODY should be forced to move out of their home. And to make things worse, at least a fourth of the Indians died during the trail of tears, but of course Jackson couldn't care less. Its something KINGS would do! Jackson does what he wants, when he wants. And that is NOT what people need or want.

"Spoils System"

Jackson used this system to give his friends and supporters jobs in the government even if they weren't qualified, which is a VERY bad idea. How can people like that work for the government? It could throw a lot of things out of balance if people cant do there jobs correctly.But, he would later use them to his advantage. It was basically a bribe to vote for him, too. He knew that the people he hired would listen to him, and he would use them to get things to go his way. JACKSON IS CRAZY!

Nullification Crisis

Since the South Carolina was very dependent on imports, they decided to nullify the Tariff of 1832. They were allowed to do that because they knew the tariff was going to be bad for their economy, but Jackson didn't care. Congress then passed the Force Bill, which allowed Jackson to force them to pay their taxes by using the us army.He even threatened to hang his own vice president! A bit over board in my opinion. We wanted a president not a king!

Political Cartoon: King Jackson the First

Jackson never really did anything by the rules, like a king would. He ignored the constitution by not listening to the Supreme Court. He also vetoed things a whole lot more than any other president before him.

A video about Jackson's presidency: (start around 7:40, he talks quite a bit)

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