Panda PAWS 5.1

Feburary 21-25, 2022

Important Events for the Week

February 21:

  • Presidents Day - No school for staff or students

February 22:

  • 5th Six Weeks Begins
  • Tutu, Ties, and Tennis Shoes Day for 2-22-22

February 23:

  • Guided Coalition 3:30 - 5:00 pm

February 24:

  • Positive Proof Pictures in the cafeteria

February 25:

  • 4th 6 Weeks Glow Stick Dance Party for Perfect Attendance AM 9:30-10:00
  • 4th 6 Weeks Glow Stick Dance Party for Perfect Attendance PM 2:00-2:30
  • Report Card Day - Staff/Students can wear collage shirts

Jennifer Dickson's Contact Information


Cell: 817-501-5365

If you were unable to say your goodbyes to Jennifer, I have attached her contact info here. She will be missed.

Positive Proof Schedule for February 24th

Cameras will be set up in the parent center from 8:00 - 10:00 am for the morning session and from 1:00 - 3:00 pm for the afternoon session.

8:00 am Inside Classes

9:00 am Outside Classes

1:00 pm Inside Classes

2:00 pm Outside Classes

From the Librarian

Book Fair and Literacy Week:

Please click the links in the Smore to sign-up for preview and purchasing at the Book Fair. Also, sign up for a “letter “for our dress-up week during Literacy Week. Let me know if you have any questions.


From Eva Reyes:

Ms. Dickson: “Great leaders don’t set out to be leaders, they set out to make a difference.” Thank you for pushing us out of our comfort zones and always challenging us to continue to grow professionally and even personally. Your visionary leadership will have a positive and long-lasting impact on our school culture and mission. I admire your example of perseverance and determination and I am so very happy and proud of your achievements. I know you will continue making a difference wherever you lead.

Tracy: Your hard work and dedication do not go by unnoticed. Your incredible grit and strong work ethic are truly inspiring. It’s a pleasure working with you!

Marcela: Thank you for supporting our staff, students, and families. Your service is invaluable.

Ana: I enjoy our conversations very much! You always offer the best insight and words of wisdom.

Rocio: Through your kind acts of service, I am blessed to know your huge and pure heart.

Li: You have the intuitive ability to execute tasks efficiently, successfully, and precisely. I admire your practicality and resourcefulness!

Lourdes: I love your fun and jovial personality. I can always count on you to bring a smile to my face and brighten up my day!

Thalia: I know my personality can sometimes be overwhelming and exhausting, but you are an absolute gem for knowing how to always go with the flow and ease my tension in the process. I am so grateful for having you be a part of this season of my life and for the beautiful bond and connection we share.

From Sylvia:

Shout out to each and every one of you who participated and brought for the luncheon to make this day special for Ms. Dickson, thank you , thank you and thank you for all your help. Once again Congratulations to Ms. Dickson and I wish her the best, you will be missed. 😊

From Tracy:

Jennifer Dickson we will miss you very much. We are so excited for you. A Solution Tree Assosciate (WOW!!!!!) and an Early Childhood Director (WOW!!!!!) in the same year. You are very well deserving and will do great things for students wherever you are!

Thank you Pierce family for your kind and encouraging comments as we continue to do what's best for students.

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