Licensed Practical Nurse

Sandra Carrera


A licensed practical nurse does the basic with the patient. They receive orders from register nurse or the doctor on what to do on their next task. These type of nurse are also known as LPN nurse for short. The nurse help people who are sick and disable. They may also work in a hospital, clinic and also at a nursing home.

Job Look Outs

The percent for this type of nurse is expected to increase 22% from 2010 to 2020.


  • Monitor patients health
  • Report the patients' status to registered nurse or the doctor.
  • keep the records of the patients'.
  • May have to teach the family members how they should care for the patient.
  • Help to deliver
  • Discuss health care issue with patients and also listen to their concerns.

Important Qualities

  1. Have to have patience to be able to work with sick and injured people.
  2. Speaking skills are very important.
  3. Needs to be responsible so that patient gets the right medication.
  4. Stamina is very important too they have to be able to work with physical task.