Famine In Africa

By: Ana Taverniti and Kayla Heffernan

What is famine and what causes it in Africa?

Famine is caused by the lack of food and nourishment. It happens because of many diffrent things. For one it is caused by droughts which cause crops to fail which is what alot of people rely on for food. The government and other governments can blockade areas which rob them of the food they recieve. Famine is also caused by population growth which can cause food shortages.

Effects of famine.

According to 2013 World Hunger Education Service famine in Africa has effect 259 million people. Famine causes malnutriton, starvation, and death. Famine causes diseases such as marasmus and kwashiorkor. Famine can also cause destruction of livestock and seeds, because if the people don't have food then the animals won't, and there aren't any seeds to plant to get food. Another thing famine causes is crime and other social disorders, because when people starve they go through great lengths trying to survive like stealing to get food. Famine can cause people to migrate away from the area they live in to another place with more food.


Many different countries governments are working together to pull together recourcces to help the starving in Africa. The United Nations have been sending missionaries with food and medicine to help the people.

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