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Welcome February

I'm not just February

With winds that blow

All day, and piled-up snow;

I'm Washington and Lincoln, too,

Who kept our country's flag for you!

I'm Valentine of airy grace—

With golden hearts and hearts of lace

And pretty cards that people send,

Quite as a secret, to a friend.

Though I am short of days and small,

I'm quite a big month, after all!

~Annette Wynne

Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day, also called St. Valentine’s Day, holiday (February 14) when lovers express their affection with greetings and gifts. Given their similarities, it has been suggested that the holiday has origins in the Roman festival of Lupercalia, held in mid-February. The festival, which celebrated the coming of spring, included fertility rites and the pairing off of women with men by lottery. At the end of the 5th century, Pope Gelasius I forbid the celebration of Lupercalia and is sometimes attributed with replacing it with St. Valentine’s Day, but the true origin of the holiday is vague at best. Valentine’s Day did not come to be celebrated as a day of romance until about the 14th century.

Ground Hog Day

Ground Hog Day, in the United States and Canada, day (February 2) on which the emergence of the groundhog (woodchuck) from its burrow is said to foretell the weather for the following six weeks. The beginning of February, which falls roughly halfway between the winter solstice and the spring equinox, has long been a significant time of the year in many cultures. Among the Celts, for example, it was the time of Imbolc, observed in anticipation of the birth of farm animals and the planting of crops, and February 2 is also the date of the Christian festival of Candlemas, also called the feast of the Purification of the Blessed Virgin. During the Middle Ages there arose the belief that animals such as the badger and the bear interrupted their hibernation to appear on this day. If the day was sunny and the animal saw its shadow, six more weeks of winter weather remained. If, however, the day was cloudy, it was a sign that the weather during the following weeks would be mild, leading to an early spring. German immigrants to the United States carried the legend with them, and in Pennsylvania the groundhog came to be substituted for the badger.

Full Snow Moon

The upcoming Snow Moon takes place on Feb. 5, at 1:29 pm EST and rises in mighty and majestic Leo. This fixed fire sign is connected to your creativity and the way you choose to have fun. There’s nothing Leo loves more than self-expression, so celebrate this full moon by getting on stage and making a colorful mess. The experience will reconnect you with your inner child, so let the most youthful part of your personality show you how to create without inhibition. Let this full moon show you what truly inspires you, because it’s time to show the world your artistic vision.

However, there’s a lot more depth to this full moon than meets the eye. It may even present you with a major decision that needs to be made. As the sun in Aquarius, the moon in Leo, and the North Node in Taurus form a grand cross, this full moon could very well be what sets a series of significant events into motion. And although you have options, it may feel like every choice comes with its own caveats. As the North Node brings you closer to your ultimate destiny, this full moon may bring a simmering conflict to a boiling point. Look inside your heart, because you already know what move you’re ready to make next. For now, all you need to do is be brave enough to act. And remember — if you leap, the universe will always be there to catch you.

Either way, you’re feeling enthusiastic about what the future holds. This full moon takes place while poetic Venus and passionate Mars will form a conjunction in Capricorn. This steadying, yet stimulating energy will re-instill your hunger for life, reminding you of all the abundance at your fingertips. Partake in all the pleasure that makes it worthwhile.


" They think I'm simpleminded because I seem to be happy. Why shouldn't I be happy? I have everything I ever wanted and more. Maybe I am simpleminded. Maybe that's the key: simple"

~Dolly Parton

Simplicity. Oddly, it is what spirit is telling me and what life is given me. A scaled-back life and an appreciation of what really matters. Friends, Community, Love, a roof over my head, food in the fridge, helping those who have neither, being a good neighbor, a good friend.
With Patrick it is all about making sure we are safe and happy. He has taught me how easy that is. How little it actually takes. Now that's all I want. To be safe and happy.
And I am.
I often think of that song, 'If you're happy and you know it, clap your hands'. It sounds so silly, so simple. And it is. But, like so many other simple things, it's also profound. The gift isn't just being happy, it's in knowing it.
I think of how often in my life, especially when I was young, I failed, or forgot, to clap my hands. No longer.

February is upon us and is known as the month of love and romance. In a lasting tradition that aims to encourage everyone to find creative ways to rekindle their romance and take the time to show love to that special someone. Of course, there is no reason to go over the top. Maybe a sincere gesture of a candlelight dinner on a rooftop to enjoy the night’s stars or placing sticky notes with kind and romantic words where your loved one will see them when you are away are charming ways to show affection.

January brought a mixture of cold, rain and sunshine during its thirty-one days. We did not do much outside the norm of school and work. It was a month of laying low and allowing our bodies to catch up with the rest of life. Our son is developing a love for cooking. He is enjoying cooking up something new each weekend for the three of us. If I had to choose, I would say his Cheesesteaks are without a doubt incredible. Patrick has been putting in an extra hour a day at his place of work making for longer days. He mostly goes in early beating the traffic but still leaving home earlier and arriving home later.

We are looking forward to the new month. Who knows maybe we will get a small falling of snow. In our region it will only last a day.

As we stand on the threshold, live in hope. As I have discovered, and I suspect you have too, hope is not an absolute. Nor is it frozen, petrified. It shifts and changes and adjusts.

I hope, my friend, that you are doing all right, and if not actually clapping your hands, at least not closing them into fists.

This letter brings love and gratitude for your company. How wonderful to be traveling this road together.



Did You Know

February is the only month to have a length of fewer than 30 days! Though it’s usually 28 days, February is 29 days long in leap years such as 2020 and 2024.

January and February were the last two months to be added to the Roman calendar (c. 713 BC); originally, winter was considered a month-less period.

Originally, February was made the last month of the calendar year. Eventually (c. 450 BC), February was moved to its place as the second month.

February Calendar

February 2 is Groundhog Day—the day we find out whether winter will last six more weeks or call it quits early.

February 12 is Abraham Lincoln’s Birthday. The 16th president of the United States was born in a one-room, 16x18-foot, log cabin with a dirt floor.

February 14 is always Valentine’s Day. Heads up, lovebirds! Today, the holiday is celebrated with love, flowers, and chocolate.

February 15 is Susan B. Anthony’s Birthday. How much do you know about this women’s right leader?

February 15 is also National Flag of Canada Day!

February 20 brings President’s Day, a federal holiday also known as Washington’s Birthday that is celebrated on the third Monday in February. (George Washington’s actual birthday is February 22!)

February 21 is Mardi Gras, (aka “Fat Tuesday” or Shrove Tuesday), which is the final feasting day before the Christian tradition of Lent begins on the following day, Ash Wednesday.

February 22 is Ash Wednesday, which marks the start of Lent.

February 27 is Clean Monday. Also called Pure Monday, this day marks the beginning of Great Lent for followers of the Eastern Orthodox Christian Church. This day is similar to Ash Wednesday of the Western Church.

In February, the Full Moon will also be known as the Full Snow Moon and will occur on Sunday, February 5 at 1:29 p.m. EST.

The February birthstone, amethyst, was at one point in history reserved for royalty and has many folklore associations that date back centuries. The purple variety of the quartz mineral species, amethyst has been thought to produce strength and clarity, as well as a protection from harm.

Violets and Primroses are the February birth month flowers. These purple-hued blooms are a symbol of modesty, faithfulness, and virtue. In the Victorian era, a gift of Violets or Primroses was a declaration of love.

Happy Birthday, Aquarius! The 11th astrological sign in the zodiac, Aquarius is the sign of the Water Bearer. Under the tropical zodiac, the Sun transits this sign between approximately January 20 and February 18. The twelfth astrological sign in the Zodiac, Pisces is the sign for folks who are born between February 19 and March 20. The astrological symbol shows two fish swimming in opposite directions, representing the duality within the Piscean nature. Pisces is unique among the signs of the Zodiac.

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Questions and Counsel

Dear Katelyn,

My heart has been hurt and I feel like I am in stuck in the pain. I feel like I can’t move past it. How can I move forward?

Hello friend,

The energy somber as I begin answering your question. There is no pain like heartbreak, and even Angels will offer their silence in acknowledgment. I’m sorry you feel stuck in this pain, and I’m even sorrier that I don’t have tangible tasks you can do to move forward. There is no… do these five things and *poof* your heart is back together. There is only time. People… humans… earthlings… love minimizing time. One mention of the word “time” and people are fighting each other to be the first one to say “time ISN’T real.” Yes, yes… time in other parts of realities and dimensions is not real but here in the 3D, in our world, time is very much real. Time is what makes the 3D the 3D and it’s the only thing in this world that is linear. Linear time is how we are born in infancy and die in old age. Linear time is the only way we move forward here. Time cannot be forced, it can only be experienced. As long as you are doing all the things to take care of yourself then you’re doing all that you can. The rest is up to time. Time serves us as divinity here. It’s how we gauge importance, it’s how we value experiences. Time is how we heal.

This isn’t about time though, this is about heartbreak so please allow me to offer this message: Separation is just as sacred as unification.

Trust in time, trust in Spirit. Take really good care of yourself and the forward movement will happen on its own and on its own time.



Tarot of the Month

Happy Valentine's Day! February is a wonderful month to reflect on love and how love shows up in your life. Focusing on Self-Love opens many more love in many aspects.

The three cards pulled are for the 31 days. The first card being the first ten days, the second card being the next ten days, and the last card being the remaining eleven days. (FaerieTarot Published by U.S. GAMES SYSTEMS, INC. By Nathalie Hertz)

1st Card: King of Pentacles:

This patient king with his honest face symbolizes power and wealth. His richly ornamented clothing reveals his refinement. His pentacle shows the results of his efforts, but also his generosity. Having successfully built his life, he is now free to enjoy and share the abundance. Divinatory Meanings: Favorable finances, profits, good bargains, flourishing ventures. Determination, an enviable position, a reliable friend, an intelligent and considerate person. Corruption, greed, unreliability. A rich but vicious person, false, a speculator and a gambler.

2nd Card: Nine of Wands:

This serious fairy is waiting as she gathers her thoughts, which are, at the moment, lost in the void. Dark clouds are banking up and soon darkness will cover the light. The nine planted wands symbolize the determination of this fairy woman. ready With greater clarity and confidence, she will be ready for a new project and will move towards success Divinatory meaning: Discipline, order, waiting, wisdom, and anticipation. Patience is necessary for a desired outcome. Deadlines, obstacles, disadvantages, and some problems. A break is necessary. Hidden enemies, subterfuge. A lack of motivation, health problems.

3rd Card: Five of Cups:

This sentimental young fairy stands at the crossroads of her life. The fire has died out; it is necessary to light a new spark. The curved tree and the flowers swept up by the wind indicate that a storm is coming. On the ground, two cups are knocked over, symbolizing her lost hope. The three other cups still stand, so all is not lost. Divination Meanings: A marriage without real love and joy. Regrets, frustration and sacrifices. A painful but essential test. A desire to leave troubles far behind. Financially, the card indicates an inheritance. New alliances, affinities, harmony in relationships. Return of a former friend, the family. Good contacts and meetings.



It’s that time of year again when we’re bombarded with ads for heart-shaped candies, plush teddy bears hugging heart-shaped pillows, heart-shaped boxes of chocolates, heart-shaped trinkets, heart-shaped everything touting heart-shaped sweet nothings, and heart-shaped confessions. For all intents and purposes, February is heart-shaped. Yes, it’s true, February is, in fact, the month of Love. And that’s with a capital L.

But is Love really something we can only celebrate in pairs? Since when did a heart (and all it entails with the blood pumping, the oxygen processing) become such plural imagery? Since when did Love become such a plural word?

Let’s try a little exercise. Place your hand over your chest. Okay, a little to the left. A little more. No—wait, no, back a bit. Okay. Right there. Feel that steady drumming? That’s your heart. Singularly, completely, emphatically yours. It lives within the chest, the muscles, tissue, and skin, the body that is also yours. Your singular vessel, at its center, this symbol of Love.

February is the month of self-Love. A whole month to celebrate the singular heart-shaped you—no heartstrings attached. This month is a time for you to define what it means to love yourself, to recalibrate your self-nourishing practices, and push yourself to say “I love you …” to the one person who deserves it more than anyone—that’s you.

There are a lot of ways to do this—after all, it’s all about you. So, this month might look a little different for everyone. Some people might only choose to celebrate for a day, while others may choose to dedicate their whole month to their practice. That’s the best part about self-Love: we get to make the rules.

Nourish with Love: This month choose to fill your body with the foods that make you feel good. For some of us this might mean infusing a kale smoothie into our diet once a week, for others this may mean splurging on take-out from our favorite restaurant, and even others might find strength in committing to three square meals a day. Each of these forms of celebration is valid and beautiful.

Bathe with Love: If you have a bath this might be a bit easier, but a shower will also do. While you bathe, immerse yourself in your favorite soap, take time to massage your scalp, and carefully wash all the places that may not always get your best attention (I’m looking at you, toes). Take an extra minute (or five) before you finish your bathing ritual to commit to complete relaxation.

Move with Love: Movement is how we get our blood pumping, coursing through our veins and flooding through our heart. Movement tells us we are alive and supplies us with endorphins that boost our mood. Take a few minutes each day to commit to movement, it doesn’t have to be anything too complex. Implementing a yoga practice (or even just stretching) into your routine can help you recalibrate and balance your mind and body (and heart). If that sounds too intimidating, maybe try putting on your favorite playlist and dancing around your bedroom. The key here is not to force movement, but to relish in it.

Meditate with Love: The concept of sitting in complete silence, mind blank, while totally enticing, also seems totally impossible if you have a very active mind. The reality is, meditation doesn’t have to be this whole ordeal—you don’t need a fancy cushion, tea lights, incense, the whole shebang. Really, all you need is you and a couple of minutes (or seconds) of your day (or night) to sit (or stand) and breath. Let’s do a trial run. Close your eyes and breath in and out, evenly and slowly. Try to do this for 30 seconds. Don’t peek!

This is your time to treat yourself. And it can last just a few hours, days, a whole week, or even months. Though, “year of self-Love” certainly has a nice ring to it.


“Winter, a lingering season, is a time to gather

golden moments, embark upon a sentimental

journey, and enjoy every idle hour."

The snowflakes fell one by one at first, but then their numbers increased, two by two, 10 by 10, then more than I could possibly count.

If I let go of the focus in my eyes the falling show would look a driving torrent of snowflakes, but when I zeroed in on them, they changed form. Now they were delicate little flakes moving this way and that way as they gently drifted down past me.

They also had multiple forms when they’d hit into me. First, they’d sting as the cold and the iciness of them would hit my cheek. But then just as that sensation of ever so slight pain would take hold, they’d start to melt from the warmth of my face. The cold sting became soothing as the melting caressed my cheek before evaporating. Then the next one would hit. Pain followed by a caress.

Snow is like that. It’s beautiful and it’s harsh. It makes the world white and bright, but it can make even the smallest thing hard - piles to trudge through, roads a nightmare to drive.

There are so many ways to look at snow, so many things to feel with snow, so many ways it changes the world and everything in it. It’s like no other element of weather.

Wind you can feel but not see. Sun casts light, but does little to change the physical objects you encounter. Water is wet, but of so little substance.

Snow hits all your senses, you can see its whiteness and you can feel its sting and its melt. You can hear how it muffles sound. You can be stopped by its substance. You can slip on it too.

Snow is real and tangible and then it can just melt away as quickly as it came … leaving no trace. Piles and piles can show up overnight and then be gone in a day.

I’ve realized I feel most alive when it’s winter and there’s snow. These little frozen bits of water piled up around touch me in some profound way. Snow makes me feel part of something bigger and yet at the same time remarkably alone in a harsh demanding world.

Snow makes the outer world reflect my inner world. It constantly changes and shifts. It’s lovely and terrifying. Things hurt and are soothed simultaneously.

This is snow’s weird beauty and its weird magic.

Respond to it by loving or hating it, but know the winter snowfall is something special.


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