Come Pop it in New York!

The Big Apple You Can´t Wait to Bite!

Enjoy the American lifestyle.

Clubs filled with hotsy-totsy hoofers for you to enjoy and great jazz performed by Fletcher Henderson and Paul Whiteman!

Get Off Your Tractor, New York's The New Factor!

Why till around the country when you can see the beautiful sights of New York City? With fun joints and bustling streets that will drive you into wonder!

Get rich quick!

Tired of wasting away on your farms? Here's some good news, New York City is inviting you to its daring lifestyle, with gangsters and spiffy ladies waiting for you to change their lives, and get your fortune!
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New inventions quoted "The Bee's Knees!"

The City is home to many keen inventions, such as the automobile! Ride around the vast countryside or town, no longer having to walk long distances on your dogs. What else in the Big City is the cat's pyjamas? Why the Radio of course! Letting you talk kisser to kisser over long distances! Why, with the ability to stay home and call your friends, it makes it hard to choose whether to drive over or not!