Bolshevik Policy of Communism

By Kevin P., Bayne N., Fintan B. and Kelsey M.

Comrades, why should we get rid of the policies that we fought and died for in the Russian Civil War?

The rest of these ideas submit to bourgeois ideas and Stalin is hack. Not only that, but without complete government control we need our economy will collapse. Stalin is not a true Communist but rather a greedy egotistical tyrant who uses the noble idea of communism as cover to have complete control of the Russian people.

The Bourgeois countries of the west would happily invade us and get rid of this communist state that we fought so hard for. That is why need a strong army to keep us safe from the capitalist scum we wish to get rid of the the USSR and keep that ideals that we fought so hard for.

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So what if the peasants go hungry for a few seasons?

In a Communist state we are all in it together and the soldiers need the food. Would you rather be slaving for the fat cat factory owners who used to own us? So comrades I beg of you to stay true to the idea of Lenin and Marx and choose the Lenin's way of becoming superior.
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