UNC Chapel Hill

Facts and News about the University Of North Carolina

About UNC Chapel Hill

UNC Chapel Hill is a very hard college to get into. Its one of the Toughest colleges in the United States. It has a 29% acceptance rate. In 2014, 29,135 were enrolled. UNC is sitting on 729 Acres. The Mascot is Ramses the Ram. Its a public school. UNC was founded by William Richardson Davie on December 11, 1789.

Extra Info

The student to faculty ratio is 13:1

The typical Class size is 20-30 students.

There are many places to eat on campus including restaurants and a cafeteria.

80% receive financial help.

Sports and Other Fun Activities

UNC offers a lot of sports and activities. However, they are best known for their Women s Soccer Team and Men's Basketball Team. To be able to play you have to make good grades and not get into trouble. During the day they have fun activities such as Yoga. They also have a large gym that you can work out at. 18% of males are in a Fraternity. 18% of females are also in a Soroity.

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