Savannah Long

A step inside

How would I survive in the acting industry? What is a typical day for an actor? What kind of experience do I need? Read on to find out

How would I survive in the industry?

Get ready to work hard. Until you have a stable income, you need to be able to juggle your acting career and a separate job that is able to pay the bills and still be flexible enough so you can leave at a moments notice for auditions. Directors don't want to hire someone who is worrying about where they will get their next paycheck. Maintaining a clean reputation of being easy to work with, polite, etc. is also essential.

What would my day look like if I was an actor?

Since the scale of different acting careers is so drastic, it would be very difficult to find an average day for all actors. With a typical day on film, your hours can range from 5-20 depending on your role, the project, etc. which means physical stamina is critical.

What do experience do I need before becoming an actor?

No type of education is required to be an actor. However, you will need to take classes/workshops so you can compete with people who do have degrees. There are acting schools available everywhere for a fraction of the cost of college tuition. You may also need to be physically trained in case your part requires running or dancing to portray your character.