The Orb

By Elizabeth C. Ryan

New Sensation in Sleep Aid!

  • The Orb is a small, unobtrusive fused crystal to place in your bedroom that emits calming waves of energy
  • Clinically proven to shorten the time needed to fall asleep & increase depth of sleep
  • Calming waves are 100% natural; organic crystals from Brazil
  • Traditional relaxation healing of indigenous Brazilians used for millennia

Healing Effects

  • Longer and more restful sleep
  • Recharge and fully awake in the day
  • No aches and pains from restless, shallow sleep
  • Greater mental capacity during the day
  • Concentration maintained because fully awake
  • Enjoy life with friends and family because less tired
  • Nighttime activities are possible because you know you will get a good sleep with The Orb!

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