Middle School Update

October 1, 2015

SEW Reflections

The last night of SEW is always such a highlight. A huge number of kids went forward to pray and be prayed for. Some of their requests were simple, like getting along with their siblings. Others acknowledged that they had drifted away from God and wanted to be closer to him. It was so uplifting to me to see so many kids desiring to know God more.

So, what do we do about it? For one thing, I asked several kids if they would like a mentor to help them with accountability, and they said yes. Even though Kirk has asked in the large group, mentoring and discipleship are really about one on one connections. So if there is a kid you connect with who you think would benefit from having a mentor, offer to be that person. Chances are, the students will say yes.

I would also like to encourage those of you who teach Bible. A lot of our kids are saying they want to know God more, but don't know how to get there. Is there a way we can incorporate some spiritual disciplines into Bible class? Kids want to know how to pray, how to read the Bible, how to grow in their relationships with God.

Finally, be willing to be open with kids about your own walk with God, both ups and downs. This doesn't have to be in Bible class, but anytime that seems appropriate. True Biblical integration isn't just adding a Bible verse to your lesson, but sharing your relationship with God with the students.

Important Dates

Oct. 6: MS Concert, 7 PM (grades 7-8 only, no homework for those students)

Oct. 7: End of Q1; Annual Fund Concert, 7 PM at Paradise

Oct. 8: First Day of Q2; End of Q1 X Blocks

Oct. 12, 8 AM: Grade Verification Deadline

Oct. 12-16: School Safety Week

Oct. 13: MS Divisional Meeting

Oct. 14: Parent Teacher Conferences, 2-6 (1/2 day schedule)

Oct. 17-25: Mid-Semester Break

Things To Do

  • Complete TDEP Meeting 1
  • Finish grades for Q1
  • Write Semester 1 Newsletter by the end of November
  • Start thinking about Service Learning Day (November 6)

Active Learning: The Word of Your Testimony

With this week being SEW, I wanted to take some time to focus on how we can continue to foster spiritual growth in our classrooms. Recently, Brian Brewster shared some notes from an ACSI podcast related to effective principles for cultivating faith in our students (and families), and it really resonated with me. Here are the highlights of what he heard:

Research shows that one way to combat kids leaving the faith is to allow our students to grow in an intergenerational way by asking adults questions as well as having adults share stories of their own faith and growth.

· Do your own kids know how you came to faith? They should.

· Do your own kids know some of your own faith struggles? They should.

· Have you told your kids what you are learning or just recently learned when you went to church or what ways you are growing in Christ? They should hear these stories.

This week in my Bible class I shared my testimony with my students. There are parts of my story that are hard to tell, and I can never share those parts without tears, so it’s not an easy thing for me to do. In spite of it being difficult, I’m always surprised and blessed by how much it means to my students that I’m willing to share my story with them. There is power in testifying to the faithfulness of God, and I plan to continue sharing with my students about what He’s teaching me as I continue to grow in Him. SEW has been a great start to encouraging spiritual growth in our students, and we continue to have the amazing privilege of sharing our faith with our students all throughout the year!

By Susan Allen

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