The Southern Colonies

Come on down to the south its really great!


Our economy is wonderful, we sell cattle, wheat, rice, rum, lumber, and indigo. The warmer weather allows you to harvest more crops like wheat and rice. The wet land soil provides a perfect place to grow rice. You could have a plantation as well.

What its like so far


Your child is 50% guaranteed to become the man he wants to be. Our schools are one of the finest. Don't worry your slaves will know nothing of what you do


Our government is ruled by England's finest so don't worry. We have plenty of slaves that you can get 99.9% of the time. Slaves are people that will do your work for you.


Our religion is Catholic, Protestant, and Chistian so come on down as long as your not a Jew.

Christians/Catholics are protected from any kind of hostillity from other religions