career presation

By Michael Nowicki


Detectives perform investigative duties, such as gathering facts and collecting evidence,

Investigate crimes and collect and secure evidence,High school diploma training as reucrit,physical strength or stamina and good judgement,Grow 5% from 2012 to 2022 347,50 physically demanding,stressful and dangerous

career connections

“bad things happen when doing job” “Good job”

High school preperation

PE need to be active in the jobs,clubs Student leader club because need to be leader for job

peer leaders to understand how people think,

Police department intern


reference is somebody who tells people what is good about you

1.Mr.Bolan teacher

2. Mrs.preleglar Teacher

3.Mrs Pauline Teacher

post secendary plans

Triton cheap and easy to get in to

police academy recuried for job

George Washington univ good for cops to study at