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What is the 'Flat Connections Conference?'

The Flat Connections Conference is a unique international event that includes students and educators to envision the future of education and of networked learning communities as they use leading technology tools such as wikis, blogs, social networking and digital storytelling. The conference is diverse in participation while allowing smaller groups to work with leading world-class presenters in a 'flattened' environment where virtual participants from remote corners of the world also join in the conversation and action.

The Flat Connections Conference is produced by Flat Encounters, designers of alternative conferences. Educators will leave the conference understanding how to collaborate globally and a better understanding of how educational technology supports this and with skills and contacts in hand to start projects. Students will leave the conference with leadership skills, technology skills, presentation skills, and a better understanding of diverse cultures and collaboration.

Who should attend?

Students in middle and high school levels (ages 10-18). It is envisioned that past and present student participants in global collaborative projects will be interested in coming as well as classrooms who are wanting to have a project-based conference experience and take the skills and practices back to their own schools. To maintain cultural diversity it is suggested that each school consider bringing a maximum of 10 students.
Educators from K-12 and tertiary levels, administrators, technology directors, curriculum coordinators, pre-service educators and anyone interested in learning more about Web 2.0 tools and pedagogy that will provide opportunities and support for embedded global collaboration.
Flat Connections Conference 2014

What is 'flat' learning?

'Flat' learning is a multi-modal approach to learning with and from others in a global capacity. There is no hierarchy of learning as such - all voices are equal, there is no one dominant group delivering the information to another group. All learners, through the use of emerging technologies including Web 2.0 and mobile computing, develop a personal learning network, bring the world into their everyday teaching and learning, and learn about the world, with the world.
During the Flat Connections Conference all participants will use technology as a scaffold to flatten learning. This will occur in a face-to-face capacity in Sydney, as well as virtually. The conference sessions will be shared via video streaming beyond the event, and virtual team members will be able to participate and contribute and collaborate.
More importantly, 'flat' learning is about being able to work with others at a distance as well as in person. This much-needed 21st Century skill hones in on effective communication, collaboration and co-creation so that ideas can grow and bridges to new pathways built for us all to walk over.

Flat Connections Conference

Wednesday, June 18th, 8am to Friday, June 20th, 4pm

Sydney Church of England Grammar School, Blue Street, North Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

This live event is to be held at SHORE school in beautiful Sydney, Australia. Conference organisers are putting together another magnificent program that will include both teachers and students working on a challenge-based project and action.
Shore School is endeavoring to determine how to best establish and develop global connections, from service learning, to student leadership, to global projects. Rather than just being places where students learn about the world, schools are now places where students can learn with the world.

Conference Theme 'What's the other story?'

The Flat Connections Conference Sydney, 2014 asks this question, What’s the other story? All educators recognise the importance of research and discovering new ideas and fresh approaches. This theme for 2014 emphasises the importance of all humanity’s stories and the way they have been defined by the historical context of culture, migration and identity. ‘Grand Narratives’ are no longer viewed as a satisfactory way of understanding the complexities and interconnectedness of the world we inhabit.

Participants will be asked to explore alternative approaches to learning, to discover other stories and share their own. These stories have the power to unite learners globally, generate new ideas and build bridges for change.

Julie Lindsay - Flat Connections

Director Learning Confluence, Conference Chair

Simon Breakspear, Learning Strategist


iEARN Partnership with Flat Connections

iEARN Australia are partnered with Flat Connections to support global collaborative practice and opportunities for teachers and students. Discount registration is offered to all iEARN teachers and students globally to attend this event.

The original Flat Classroom Conference documentary - 2009

The Flat Connections Conference has its origins in Qatar, when in 2009 the very first live event that included students and teachers was held. This documentary shares in part the excitement and engagement of all participants. The conference has been held also in China, 2011, and Japan 2013, with workshops in Hong Kong 2009 and India in 2010, 2012.

Flat Classroom Conference Documentary - A Vision for the Future

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