Rhode Island

New England colony

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Living in Rhode Island made it easier to travel, trade, and export things being along the coast so New England settled here. Rhode Island is located in the northwest region of the united states. The location and climate have impacted the growth of crops and trade life.

Rhode Island exported rum, whale, furs, timber products, and many more.

The colony had a open religion in just this state. Meaning instead of them just believing in what the purtians believed in you were able to have whatever belief you wanted to.

The government for this colony is a charter colony, meaning they're written laws basically.
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Important things that have happened

In 1636 Roger Williams founded these providences after receiving them from the Indians.

Anne Hutchinson found Portsmouth after being thrown out of Massachusetts in 1637.

In 1939 the nations first Baptist church was founded.

In 1647 Rhode Island formed a single government.

In 1776 Stephan Hopkins with Rhode Island signed the declaration of independence.

In 1790 Rhode Island became the 13th state in the United States

important people in rhode island

William Blackstone- He was the first settler

Roger Williams- founded the providence

King Charles II- He granted a charter for Rhode Island

King James II- He suspended charter

William of orange- became king and granted the charter once more.

Claudine Schneider- First woman to become elected for congress

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Live here because..

Your own religious belief. It's a good place of industry; it's one of most industrialized colonies. Great for whaling and fishing. Very good place for obtaining a job for it has a bunch of industries ranging from whaling to working for timber companies. Lots of exporting and importing, it's good for trade and traveling. Rolling hills with 400 miles of costal bays and ocean.
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