Romeo & Juliet

Act 5 Scene 3

Scene summary

This is the scene where in which Romeo has already received the news of the death of Juliet and goes to Capulet's tomb. Once romeo reaches, he tells his servant Balthazar to stay out side, But Balthazar of fear of what romeo might do; in facts, stays and waits out side the tomb. Romeo is so overwhelmed with emotion that he doesn't really notice that Juliet is becoming to look more alive and is starting to awake; but because of Romeos tragic flaw he thinks to quickly and just kills himself with the poison he received from the apothecary. Juliet not long after his death awakes with the friar next to her. The friar tries to make another plan (have Juliet become a nun) and have Juliet escape the tomb before they get caught; but Juliet refuses to go for her love has died.Juliet later kills her self with a dagger. The two families meet at capulets tomb and realize that their fued has cause so many deaths. The family fued ends there.