The Epic Adventures of Mummy Man

Alex Silver and Sarah Peterson


Rick was going to sacrifice his life for the safety of someone elses. Although he was saved by any other loyal friend his act of showing his sacrificial willingness is definitely a heroic quality one must poses.

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The main character remained loyal. When he was captured by the police, Evelyn asked him to take her to the lost treasure and he was loyal and brought her to where she needed to be. In the time of their journey to the egyptian temples it was really easy for him to escape or lead them astray, however he brought her where she needed to be in a timely manner and she was able to carry out the task he origionally planned out. This is a heroic quality because it shows his character and loyalty to keeping his word no matter the circumstance.

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Superior Physical Strength

Rick displayed superior strength all throughout his quest especially nearing the end when he killed all of the mummies that were attacking him. This is an important quality for a hero to have because they need to be strong and powerful enough to not only protect themselves but all the other people that need help too, which Rick did.

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Rick fought the enemies whomever they might have been to save his and his friends lives, when he could have easily just taken care of himself and not put himself in danger for any of the others that he was with. This is important to the overall quest of his heroic journey that he led.

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No matter what obstacles arose during Rick's journey, he stuck by Evelyn's side and accomplished his mission to get her to her destination. Perseverance is an important quality for a hero to have because a hero has to be able to finish his task the way it was supposed to be done, and usually their missions have to be completed quickly, which requires a lot of perseverance.

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