PlayStation VR

PlayStation Virtual Reality


·We can try out new virtual worlds.
·Our movements respect han real life.
·It is posible practise an hablity whitout danger.
·It is posible try out simulations.
·You can see at 360º.
·At future, you will can see films with PlayStation VR.
·It is very comfortable.


·It can cause much addiction and malaise as annoy.
·It generate siolation of the real life and lost thrill.
·The price of PlayStation VR is very high because the price of PlayStation VR (400€) no includes the prices of PlayStation Move (35€) and PlayStation Eye PS4 (60€).
·It doesn't exists much variety of uses than video games.


The PlayStation VR is highly recommended because the game experience will change radically in the world of PlayStation 4. It has many advantages and disadvantages but I recommend buying the PlayStation VR as it will be a unique gaming experience.