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for Plexus A-Team Customers & Ambassadors

April 2016 - Issue #4

April Showers Week-Long Sign-up Special!

It's a great week on the A-Team! If you're a retail or preferred customer & you're interested in getting your favorite Plexus products at a discount, talk to your Ambassador about becoming a wholesale Ambassador today! If you're interested in building your own Plexus business -- this is the week to lock arms and join us! Why? FREE sign up when you become an Ambassador on the A-Team this week!! (New Ambassadors must purchase a Welcome Pack and have their back-up order turned on for this promotion.)
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Spotlight on Triplex: The Most Popular Plexus Combo

Why We Plexus: Julie's Story

My name is Julie and I have been an Ambassador with Plexus for almost 3 years and absolutely LOVE IT! Its been a while since I have shared my story and wanted to share with you! (Feel free to share!)

I had tried everything to lose weight after giving birth to 2 babies back to back! I worked out and ate very healthy for an entire year prior to Plexus... But to no avail, I did not lose the weight and it left me frustrated! I found Plexus though a family friend. I watched her lose several lbs. in just 3 months! I decided to give Plexus a try with a 60 day money back guarantee and the rest was history! My hubby said we would be getting our money back... Well, WE DID! TENFOLD! I joined at my 60 day mark to get my products at wholesale and quit my full time job after just 6 months of joining to work my Plexus business full time! I have not looked back since!

I have lost a ton of weight and have dropped 6 DRESS SIZES! I was able to get off all my medications and my lab results came back normal! I no longer suffer from extreme exhaustion and feel so healthy! I started with the Slim/Accelerator and after 3-4 months, I dropped Accelerator and went with Triplex and X-Factor. I also take Block on occasion.

I was so inspired with my Plexus journey that I set out to get my degree in nutrition! I absolutely love helping people get healthy and meeting new friends has been another huge blessing! Plexus has definitely changed my life as well as my families lives! So blessed we found Plexus when we did!

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