October 3-6, 2016


Cooler temps bring us more BAND! This month, we will play at football games, pep rallies, our neighborhood elementary school, and we have our very first concert this week. We are super excited to perform for you this week, and for all of the fun memories we'll make along the way!


Can you believe that our first six weeks is behind us? Thanks for working so hard to take care of getting everything completed by the end of the six weeks. Everyone who attended every sectional, passed off every objective, and had all of the necessary materials should receive a 100 in Band. Honor and Symphonic Band students already have their next Goal Sheet and should have turned in their old one last Friday. You'll notice that we start to shift our focus to our All-Region preparation, as that audition is exactly six weeks away. This six weeks also contains many performances and we'll also start working towards becoming better sight-readers. You can always keep up with your child's progress by how many stickers they have on their goal sheet!


Wednesday, Oct. 5th, 7pm

2606 Panther Creek Parkway

Frisco, TX

Join us for our first concert of the year! The Honor, Symphonic and Jazz Bands will perform in the Lone Star High School auditorium on Wednesday, October 5 at 7:00pm. We will wear our new band shirts, jeans, and close-toed shoes.

6:00pm - Jazz Band report to stage for set up and brief warm-up

6:15pm - Symphonic and Honor Bands meet in LSHS Band Hall where we will store cases.

6:20pm - Symphonic Band warm-up on stage, Honor Band warm-up in Band Hall

6:50pm - Jazz Band to the stage, SB/HB to audience area

7:00pm - Concert Begins!

7:45pm - Approximate end time

All Beginners who attend this concert will receive a 100 as a major grade! Bring a concert program to school on Thursday to turn in to your director and we will record the grade!


Wednesday, Oct. 5th, 7am

2285 Little River Drive

Frisco, TX

We have been invited to perform for Walk to School Day at Phillips Elementary! This is a great opportunity for us to promote community spirit and an active lifestyle! :) We will wear our new band shirts and details are below:

7:00am - Meet in STMS Band Hall for roll check and quick warm-up

7:10am - Walk across the street to Phillips Park

7:20-7:45am - Perform!

7:50am - Walk back to Stafford, just in time for school!


Every section will have one sectional over the next two weeks. This will help us continue to prepare for our upcoming performances while give everyone a little bit of flexibility with the crazy schedule (and lack of school days!). Here's what we have scheduled this week:


7:15am - HB Trumpets/SB Flutes

3:45pm - SB Oboes


7:15am - HB Clarinets/SB Percussion

3:45pm - HB Percussion/SB Trumpet


7:15am - HB/SB Saxes

3:45pm - HB/SB Low Brass

All other sections will have their sectional during the week of October 11-14. That schedule will be published in next week's notes, but also communicated with the students during band classes.


Things keep moving right along in Beginner world! Several students have achieved Master of the Alphabet Level 1 and 2 and a few have completed level 3! You can see their progress on the wall outside of the Band Hall.

We've also had a few students complete the left side of the Rhythm Warriors, Level 1 page. Woodwinds are working towards playing the RW exercises, which is how they earn stickers on the right side. Brass students are working to get as much of the left side completed as they can and will start learning how to complete the right side very soon.

New for the second six weeks!

All beginners will complete an Instrument History Project over the next two weeks. Details will be discussed early this week, and there are a few different options for completion. This will be a major grade for everyone, and will give everyone a new perspective about how their chosen instrument came to be.

We will also start keeping a log of our daily practice assignments in our binders. At the end of class each day, students should record what they are to work on before the next class. Thanks in advance for helping them to stay organized about their progress!

As mentioned above, the performing bands will have our first concert on October 5 at Lone Star High School. All beginners who attend will receive a 100 as a Major Grade. Students should bring their program to school on Thursday and turn it in to their band director with their name on the top.


Thanks to everyone who has turned in all of their forms and fees for the 2016-17 school year. We are excited about the new band shirts, and 7th and 8th graders must have them for our upcoming concert. Please be sure and log into Charms to pay your child's fees for the year. A link is provided on the homepage of

If you have paid your fees but your child has not received their shirt yet, please have them see Mrs. Hames on Monday. If you need to make specials arrangements to pay your fees, please do not hesitate to let us know. Thank you!



The week of October 11 is packed with as much fun as this next one! Both Symphonic and Honor Bands will perform for the football game vs. Trent on Oct. 12, and all 8th graders will perform with the Lone Star High School Band at their game on Oct. 14. I will send out an itinerary for each of these events early this week.

For the 8th graders, we will eat a Whataburger dinner together before the Lone Star game. This is already loaded into Charms if you want to go ahead and take care of that via Paypal. We will meet at Trent, eat, and bus over to the Star Stadium that afternoon. Stay tuned for that itinerary!


Let's have another amazing week and I'll see you tomorrow!