Colon Hydro Therapy

Know about cleansing of colon through Colon Hydrotherapy and its importance

Colon Hydrotherapy is the process that involves the cleansing of colon through filtered water. Through this process, the toxins that may have accumulated in the intestinal tract or the colon are extracted out. The last 15 years or so, there was an increase in such a treatment across the world.

If you are in Canada, then InsideU is the place from where you can get the colonic therapy done easily. They have got two centers, one in Woodstock location and the other in Norwich respectively. The Colonic therapist present At InsideU is a professional and an experienced one, which will carefully go through the procedure and get the best result for you indeed.

There can be many queries as regards to the colonic or colon hydrotherapy. What you can do is, visit the online website of InsideU and get he answers to your question in the FAQs section. This is really necessary, so that you not apprehensive about the treatment and feel assured for the positive result.

The number one question for anyone prior to the treatment could pertain to the sort of procedure it is or the steps that are followed. O, after knowing about the health and digestion of a person, the colonist will require the individual to change into different clothing. After that the person needs to lie down on a table, where the Colon therapist will insert a small, sterile tube in his anus which will be connected to the colon hydrotherapy unit.

Therapist will then control the unit to let the water flow gently into and out of colon, thereby getting the waste aerial out of it. This process is not that painful at all, though one may feel odd sensations respectively.

Normally, three to six sessions are needed for the whole treatment to be completed. This varies according to the medical history, primary health concerns and the response of the person. It is important for the individual to not consume heavy foods prior to the treatment. He can eat a fruit or vegetable or even nuts. If a person is really concerned about his diet, then he can ask about it from the therapist.

After the colon hydro therapy has been done, it is recommended to eat steamed vegetables or lean meat in order to avoid gas cramps. But after few days or so, one can resume the daily routine as well. Lastly, the procedure is quite safe as it is conducted by sterile instruments and equipment that have been regulated by the National Health Services present in Canada.