Anne Carragher Wellness Challenge


On behalf of the Office of Wellness and Health Promotion, we'd like to THANK YOU for participating in this year's Anne Carragher Wellness Challenge! It's been an awesome six weeks and it's been a wonderful experience working towards our wellness goals together.

Speaking of, here are some things we did together:

  • Drank 3,702 gallons of water
  • Exercised for 2,804 hours
  • Expressed gratitude 1,306 times
  • Read for 2,885 hours
  • Learned 880 new things about different spiritual identities
  • Reconnected with friends 1,208 times to hang out and catch up
  • Learned something new that brought us joy 1,106 times
  • Attended a Wellness Challenge event with a teammate 471 times

Great work everyone! Here's some last minute things for you:

Wellness Challenge Assessment

Your feedback is important to us! Take some time this week to complete the online survey about the challenge and tell us how things went as you sought balanced wellness and personal improvement. HERE >>>

Pick Up Your Portable Charger!

For folks who participated in the Wellness Challenge, don't forget to pick up a portable charger in our office (Student Center 380)!

That's It! Thanks again for an awesome challenge! You'll find us celebrating by taking the elevator...

Big image

Grabbing some caffeine...

Big image

And taking less than 7 hours of sleep!

Big image

All jokes aside, we hope you all continue to create personal goals and push yourself towards holistic wellness. Thanks again, and we'll see you next year!

Wellness and Health Promotion

  • Contact Jazz about registration and general questions
  • Contact Kira about events and challenges
  • Contact Ryan about scorecards and points