Samurai - Bushido

Erica Adams

What is a Samurai?

A samurai is a member of a powerful military group in Japan. Samurai's were the first military dictatorship that came into power, known as the shogunate, in the 12th century. They dominated the Japanese government until the Meiji Restoration.

What is Bushido?

Bushido is an honor that the Samurai makes to the group until death. They have 7 important virtues that they follow: integrity, respect, heroic courage, honor, compassion, honesty and sincerity, dusty and loyalty.
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Today's first day as a samurai worrier and I couldn't be more excited as to what's going to come in the future. Becoming a worrier is the highest type of honor anyone could have and that's why I became one. To be able to follow the Bushido way of life and be honor full is a great feeling. The duties that I will be taking up is protecting my ruler and property. My people need to be protected and I must fight to the death to defend them.