Land of grace

Fast facts

  • Venezuela is located in northern South America
  • it is home to about 28.9 million people
  • The country's official language is Spanish.

Beautiful places to visit in Venezuela

If you ever go to venezuela and get stuck not knowing what to go and do here are some beautiful sites down below. Venezuela has many more but these are just a the most popular ones

Historical sites of Venezuela

Venezuela has many historical sites if your into history. The ones below are only a few of the many sites. These are the three main historical sites in Venezuela.

Popular restaurants in Venezuela

Les Jardins de Sucre

Delicious seafood, classic French cooking and a range of crepes make for a great meal, complemented by French and Chilean wines.

Calle Sucre 27

6:30-10:30pm mon, noon-2:30pm & 6:30-10pm Tue-Sat

Casa Valencia

this elegant restaurant in old-hacienda style is worth a splash-out meal for its excellent grills and seafood.

av Bolivar Norte, Valencia


Evio's Pizza

There’s pizza and then there’s the city’s best. When famous Venezuelan musician Evio di Marzo isn’t performing, he makes gourmet pizza

Esq. Principal plaza Bolivar, Caracas

noon-9:30pm Mon-Sun