GLORIOUS culmination of 2015

Wonderoom welcomes 2016, Full of things that have never been

Bye-Bye December!

To ensure that our young mind can stay stimulated, our regular programs feature Reading, storytelling, drama and more. This month marked the ending of the year filled with activities and a new beginning to our Library program with passion!

Christmas Celebrations

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Christmas came with extended celebrations in Wonderoom

A pre-christmas bash was organized with a Storytelling session about the relevance and the story behind Christmas festival, children performed a brief ‘skit’ on the importance of love in our lives. The evening was celebrated with Christmas carols, music and dance.

Beautification and Christmas décor was taken up by Wonderoom Kids through multiple Arts and Craft activities.

A new platform called ‘I Wonder’ was launched during the main Christmas celebrations on 24th December 2015. The basic idea of 'I Wonder' is to provide children an open platform where they can express themselves through various performing arts, like: Story-drama, Rhythm, Poem Recitation, Clowning, Dance, Singing, Acrobatic and Sound Collage etc.

During the Christmas event, I Wonder performances were anchored by our young members and all the productions were originally created by children.

Two workshops on Pottery and Origami were conducted. Children not only enjoyed these workshops but were also entertained by the comical ways of our clowns and playful Santa during the event. We were delighted to see the talent and skills of our participants.

Other Activities and Achievements

School and Ngo visits

We invited other agencies serving children such as NGO’s, schools to access our library and other resources. Children from Sharifaan NGO enjoyed their day long visit to Wonderoom. Among other activities, an animated film was shown to children followed by a discussion. Children from Inder Public School were attracted to the collection of books.

Learning through Stories

In our regular feature, ‘Learning through Stories', children who were previously not interested, are gradually marking active participation. On other days ‘Interactive storytelling sessions’ were held. An activity was organized, wherein stories were narrated to children which prompted them to locate books in the library on which the stories were based.

A story time activity was also taken up, which introduces poetry through fun, interactive readings and songs for children. Read Aloud activities help peers to learn from their friends.

Weekend with Parents

To understand and respond to the needs of parents and caregivers, a parents meeting was organized on 2nd weekend during the month. It was an opportunity to engage with parents, receive their feedback, address their concerns and create awareness about the ongoing Wonderoom programmes. Parents looked seemingly satisfied and showed their interest in different learning programmes.

Wonderoom members to feature in a movie

We take immense proud in announcing the selection of our nine Ados Pados(Drama group) members - Akash, Aditya, Dev, Deepak, Gurdeep, Manik, Piyush, Purushottam and Sahil in a film ‘Motia Gunj’ by Chhota Mota Productions. The group has also participated in a play called 'Munshi Ji Ko Salam' performed at Wonderoom.

Fun with science

This was a fun science activity where in children had great fun in making fancy pistols with Ice Cream sticks and rubber bands. They also learn how elasticity works, what is elasticity point, What is potential and Kinetic energy in one of the most fun loving manner possible.

Sketch me if you can!

Beginners sketching lessons were given to the kids through demonstrations and some practice. After basic directions, we let the children sketch!

Community Outreach

In order to promote our library services and programmes for children, Wonderoom team began a door to door campaign to effectively communicate our message to the larger crowd in Jor bagh, Karbala and in other neighbourhood areas. Pamphlets were widely distributed along with personal interactions with parents and kids.

Are you a member yet?

After our successful membership drive, Wonderoom began issuing ID cards to its new members. Children were overjoyed to own their newly designed colourful member ID’s. Our Free membership is open and growing. Enroll today to avail the library services.

Wonderoom on Facebook

As a part of Communications initiative, Facebook page was launched to promote an awareness of and support for meeting children's library and information needs through social media. We are trying to accommodate and address the diverse audience through regular updates. Click on the link below to follow.

About Wonderoom

Wonderoom is an innovative Children’s library located in the heart of Delhi. It provides an opportunity for children in the age group of 8-15 years to explore the world of over 5000 interesting books. The children also actively participate in regular storytelling, art and craft, drama, fun science and creative writing workshops. Regular movie shows, access to internet and support in reading also help children explore new subjects and thoughts. In order to ensure the social and economic factors do not deprive children from this experience, Wonderoom offers its services free of cost. The Wonderoom is open from 10 am to 7 pm on all days.