Doctors Without Borders (MSF)

By Ruth Mekuria

Critical Care Physician:

also known as an intensivist, is a medical doctor who specializes in treating critically ill patients

All About MSF

Salary per Hour: Starting Salary= $1,371 per month w/ increases based on expertise & experience; 16,452 per year

Contact Information: Phone (212-679-6800)

Company Headquarters: New York, NY

Location of Work: Overseas; may vary

Working Location

Country: I can't confirm the location of my work, but I pray to start my work in Bekily, Madagascar

Average Cost of Living:

Tithe- $150.00

Groceries- $50.00

Utilities- $200.00

Clothes- $100.00


Miscellaneous (taxi, restaurants, etc.) -$200.00

These are my average monthly expenses. I plan to alternate between working in Doctors Without Borders and working for a short time in America, but my main work will be with Doctors Without Borders.

I will be making enough to survive living in Madagascar, especially with the later pay increases.

Work Location & Places of Interest

Work- Bekily, Madagascar

Places of Interest-

1 Nosy Be

2 Masoala National Park

3 Royal Hill of Ambohimanga

4 Avenue of the Baobabs

5 Ile Sainte Marie

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