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Dori J.

All About Me

I am a dancer, singer, and pianist. I have danced and sang ever since I can remember.I have played the piano ever since I was five. Another thing I do is Russian class and art. I also do a lot of theatre. I love to go on vacation and I love to spend time with my family and friends. I love to read and I try to read as much as possible. I read for my own pleasure and I enjoy to read many books.

What Kind of Reader Am I?

1. When I'm reading I don't look at the cover. I start with reading the back and see if I like the summary.

2. I enjoy reading practically any book- I read most books that people recommend to me.

3. I read a lot after school.

4. I can read in both English and Russian.

5. When I'm reading I can find some mistakes. If I find a mistake in a book such as capitalization I have to point it out.

6. I usually remember what books I read if they are good. I usually can't remember books I don't enjoy but there are only a few books I dislike.

7. I dislike horror stories.

8. I can read multiple books at a time.

9. When I read I need complete silence because I can really get into the book then.

10. I read at a good steady pace.

Why I Chose This Quote?

I chose this quotes because whenever I'm reading I'm walking into the world of books. I feel like I'm in the book and I'm no longer on Earth, I'm in a parallel universe.
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My Latest Blog

I enjoy reading very much and I like to read all kinds of books. I like to read books like Wonder and Out of my Mind. I like books that have a sad plot but end well. On school nights I read about 30 minutes and on weekends I read about 1 hour. When I'm reading, I stop and read over parts that I don't understand. Sometimes I think about what might happen next. I also sometimes think about my own life and how it's similar to or different from the book. I also prefer paper books instead of audio and electronic.

The book I am reading right now is called Forgive My Fins. The last book I read was called Stargirl.

Another book I read was called Wonder. This book is really good and I chose to read it because it is really popular. I enjoyed this book a lot and I would recommend this book to ages nine and up. I liked this book a lot because it was very touching and was very emotional.

Pharrell Williams - Happy

Song Now Playing

I picked the song Happy by Pharrell because when I'm reading I feel happy. When I'm reading a book I get so into it that I feel like I'm in it and I feel the same when I'm listening to Happy.

My Interests and Favorites

Some of my favorite books are Wonder, Out of My Mind, and The Fault in Our Stars. All of these books are very emotional and they all have a main character with some kind of disability. These books describe how these characters get through tough times and some don't have such a happy ending. I would recommend all these books for any age because they are very touching and you can see how a disability can change a person and the people around them.
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Places To Find a Good Book

A good place to find a good book is on the link below. This is a great place because it is a blog and you can talk to people you don't know about books. They can recommended books to you and you can also discuss books. You can talk about new releases and different categories of books.
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