Interpreting visual images

Petar jovanovic

Field. What is the image telling us and how.

The image tell's me how Sadako was practicing hard as she can to be a best runner ever for her dream to be a number 1 runner of the whole country for her achievement.

Tenor. What tell's us the feeling of the image.

The feeling for me is fine because Sadako is practicing her hardest to be a good runner and she is also exsited to conpete other's who whanted to be a best runner in the whole world.

Mode. How do design and lay out build meaning.

The reaction on her face is meaning a lot of things some of them are she is exsited 2.She can not wait to tell evrey one the great news 3.warming up befor the race 4.Is felling great 5.Is't refuzing or heazatateing for eney thing that is in her way.