By: Tyler Jackson

Hi , My name is Rick I'am 13 years old . I live in New Zealand . My life here is great , But my mom was the best. Until that One day, I knew who my mom really was. It was my first day of 8 Grade , I had got to school a little early , But that was ok because my 5 period teacher Mr. Red had let it pass . He was funny , and little seriuos,

So I was on my day when in the middle of the class , Mr. Red had got pulled out by a couple of Cops and Detective's , Then they call me out . The were talking about my mom it was kind of wierd the were talking about my mom, Then the say to me " Your mom is not your mom she is your kidnapper". So when i got home from school my mom knew i was acting a little wierd but she did not say eventhing , So i went on my day .

The very next day , I was in the middle of class when i heared my name, I had to leave. So i got in the car with my mom she took me back home for some reason , when we got there she told me to got to the basement . So I went then there was just a door she push me in and lock the door . I had saw a bunch of names the were the missing children that had been kidnapp .I was scared .