EVOLVE : (ACN) Brainstorming Event

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ACN Webinar Training (Video)

Why is Training Important ?

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Why is frequent training important? Well, when we know better we do better. Its true in life and its true in our business too.

Meeting Details

EVOLVE : ACN Training

Thursday, June 21st 2012 at 7pm

11 Ledgerock Rd

Brampton, ON

- Customer Acquisition Training
- Effective Public Speaking
- Presentation Design
- Piquing Skills
- Brainstorming


Piquing: Ways to pique in business(5Linx)


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EVOLVE : (Subject)

Course Completion / Certification Status
ACN Compensation Plan


Resume Recording 1 by training
All Sections to include section specific / relevant ACN videos, documentation, audio, etc.
All Sections to include team EVOLVE learning submissions, questions, forums, subject presentations, and all iterative learning, etc.
Executive Summaries, Documents, Videos, Audio Training, Resources, Recommended Reading, etc.
- Klout Rating - (EVOLVE & Individual)
- Cred Rating - (EVOLVE & Individual)
- Strategies for increasing your size and strength in your circles of influence and reach.

Event Host

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