Panther Note

January 15, 2016

Cheetah on Patrol this Week

The Value of Relationship: Supervision is a GREAT opportunity for this

"Students who love school and have healthy relationships with adults have a strong sense of belonging. They know they matter. When they feel that their teachers like them as individuals, they in turn like their teachers. Because of this relationship, they are cooperative and motivated to work hard." (Inside Out: The Power of Relationships

Gentle Tassione and Linda Inlay - By meeting students' social and emotional needs, schools can spark motivation and engagement.)

BVTOY Emails

...have been coming consistently. Be certain to check your email, review PSM teacher of the year criteria and email Sigg with your name by the close of January 18th. See Heath with questions.

"In brief, this is why we teach: to improve the transmission of learning, to honor the scholarship we have so dearly won, and to inspire our students' compassion and ideas. In these challenging times for teaching and learning, we must persist to persevere. " (Teacher Appreciation: Why We Teach, Edutopia May 2014)

PLC Agenda Item for January 22

Due to Sigg by January 29

Student suggestions for summer school based upon:

1.) MAP score 1SD below grade level (Sigg will send this list to PLCs)

2.) Documented intervention support

3.) Student below grade level expectations in literacy and/or math

4.) Student IS able to work independently (w/o para support)

Valentine Gram Information is Coming

PLC Share Outs: Due March 1 (see previous Panther Notes)

Per Leadership (and recent Panther Notes) our next Tuesday PLC share out will focus on PSM best practcie Three Tiered Lessons.

This lesson can be modeled after the lesson and insight shared by Tara Mahoney. Additionally, the opportunity to collaborate with her was offered during a PLC.

As a grade level content alike share out should involve member input from each job alike at your grade level. Keys include:

**NWEA data that prompted you to tier that hour's students

**Shared targets from the NWEA site and your scope and sequence

**Differentiated resources targeting each tier

**Differentiated activities targeting each tier

Tuesday and Friday PLCs as well as Sacred Time on Wednesday/Thursday is available over the next five plus weeks (including the time provided since December) to accomplish the three tiered lesson.

Tara will join our PLC on March 1 to provide support and feedback around your best practice, differentiated lesson.

Share any needs for support with Leadership as soon as possible. We look forward to powerful lessons and PSM specific approaches to exceptional instruction.

Goal II Work: Data Driven Decision Making

Thank you to PLCs and Leadership for strong feedback regarding D/F reporting. Per initial feedback and with an understanding that the process will be tailored (over time) to individual grade level / content needs, D/F reports will be provided across the building on the 4th, 6th and 8th week of each quarter.

PLC discussions around student need, possible supports within the building and expected PERSONAL communication with parents can be carried out. Stacey and Heath will provide supports for students and visit with you as needed to best encourage student effort, need and growth.

Facility Attention Needs

Share weekly with your PLC any areas of needed attention to cleaning in your PODs, restrooms, hallways or classrooms. Communication will be streamlined through building leadership with support staff to ensure PSM needs are addressed.

Boys Basketball

1/20 (W/Sperry): A Home v BVM

1/25 (M/Sigg): B Home v Oxford

1/27 (W/Sperry): A Home v Harmony

2/01 (M/Sigg): B Home v Aubrey Bend

2/03 (W/Sperry): B Home v Pleasant

2/08 (M/Wagoner): A Home v Lakewood

2/16 (T/Sigg): B Home v Lea and Lakewoods

2/18 (R/Sperry): A Home v OT

Thank you once again to our coaching squad for the work you put into an inclusive team of players all about growth and positive competition.

TCB Schedule

Sixth Grade

Monday- Nixon Back up: Pope

Tuesday- Cloud Back up: Tate

Wednesday: Tate Back up: Feuerborn

Thursday: Gerstner Back up: Feuerborn

Seventh Grade

January Only

Monday- Burton

Tuesday- Nelson

Wednesday- Catlett

Thursday- Pirkle

Eighth Grade

Monday: Sifers 3-4pm

Tuesday: Strait 3-4pm

Wednesday: DuPree 3-4pm

Thursday: Berman 3-4pm

Enrollment Dates

6th Grade

February 25-26 – Enrollment presentations

March 2 – Enrollment forms due

March 4 – Online enrollment at PSM

7th Grade

February 24 – Enrollment presentations

February 29 – Enrollment forms due

March 2 – Online enrollment at PSM

8th Grade

January 22 - BVHS enrollment presentations for students at PSM

January 27 – Enrollment and Activity Fair at BVHS from 5:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

February 9 – BVHS online enrollment for students at PSM

Sixth Grade Weekly

NO SCHOOL on Monday in observance of Martin Luther King, Jr. Da

Course Briefings/AOLs for the upcoming week:



  • Multiplying Fractions

  • AFL on Adding and Subtracting Fractions on Friday, January 22nd


  • Adding, subtracting, multiplying decimals

  • Fact families with decimals


  • Study Island Review of Concepts

  • Practice test analyzing nonfiction text

  • Introduction to Argumentative Writing

  • Nonfiction Text Structure and Main Idea AOL on Wednesday, January 20th


  • Rock Cycle (Chapter 13), Weathering and Erosion (Chapter 14)

  • Rock Cycle, How Earth’s Surface has Changed over time AOL on Friday, January 22nd

Social Studies

  • 5 Major World Religions

  • Trunk Cultural Artifact Activity

  • Religion Chart

6th Grade Guided Study for Week of 1/18-22:

  • CNN Student News will be shown to introduce current events of the week.

  • Grade checks continue along with checks for missing work

  • Reading Lesson: Study Island Review of Text Structures and Main Idea

Goal 2: Growth in Reading Performance

Best Practice Independent Reading Look Fors:

As we utilize instruction time for independent reading, maximizing purposeful effort by students is always a goal. For colleagues and leadership, look fors during independent reading portions of class (or Free Read Fridays) look like:

Have a Purpose:

**Practice in reading should target mastery of skills (what are you looking for out of readers? Is it posted and discussed in a mini lesson before starting?)

**Are students reading....or looking for books to read / organizing / et cetera? Increase endurance and reading times

**Is purposeful instruction occurring to set up the reading time? Are students building their competence or simply struggling through reading (or off task?)?


**How are "just right texts" chosen to read during this time?

**Is the text increasingly complex / tracked as the year progresses?

Student Performance

**What are the goals of the students in their independent reading?

**Are they continuously reading during their time (10-25 minutes)?

**Are students tracking their progress (length, competency, gains on targets?)?

**How are students reflecting upon their reading?

**Are student:staff conferences being held about their reading?

**Is this time being maximized to set up writing opportunities?

Teacher Interaction

**How are learners goals being monitored?

**Are group sharing, discussion and writing activities being facilitated around Free Read / Independent Reading opportunities?

**How is information gathered from these times utilized to inform next step instruction and feedback?

Celebration of Learning and Effort - Lab Usage Second Semester for Assessment

Be advised that all Labs and COWS will be testing on the following dates:




















If you currently have a reservation for a lab on one of these dates, your reservation will be pre-empted, so please plan accordingly.

Updates will be offered as we get closer to the actual testing days.

Spelling Bee Results!

Champion! Anna Bajich (6th)

Runner Up: Akshay Venkat (8th)

Seventh Grade Weekly

(Topics, AFLs, AOLs)

Social Studies: AFL for Lesson 1: Geography of Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean is Tuesday, January 19. Next lesson is the history section and begins immediately.


Reading: Finish Nonfiction introduction; introduce Nonfiction Signposts; begin chapter 1 of Phineas Gage

ELA: Finish vocabulary presentations; begin argumentative writing


Advanced Integrated Algebra 7th Grade-

We will continue our work with ratios, rates, percents, and proportions. Commissions, mark-ups, discounts and conversions from one unit to another will be the focus. Our review of the entire unit will begin at the end of the week in preparation for a unit AOL the week of January 25th. Target Zero Q3-3 will be assigned on Tuesday, January 19. It will be due the next Monday.

Integrated Algebra 7th Grade-

Work will continue with similar figures. We will be using a variety of methods to find the missing parts on similar figures. Emphasis will be placed on ratios, proportions, and scale factor. An upcoming AOL will be the week of January 25. This will be a unit AOL. Target Zero Q3-3 will be assigned on Tuesday, January 19. It will be due the next Monday.


Students have an AOL on January 22 about cell structures and functions. We have worked on labs about Cellular Respiration, Photosynthesis, and DNA. Reviewing 5-10 min on cell structure/function will be helpful.

Guided Study 7th Grade:

Students are still working on creating a vision board that contain images regarding career, friends, relationships, etc. Also, we are reflecting on the first semester progress and updating our goals. Please ask your child what he/she is focusing on this semester.

Student Independence Opportunity for Gen Ed Instructors - PLEASE CONSIDER


Are you looking for strategies to successfully include students with disabilities in your class? Do you want tips to support students in achieving greater independence?

PD offered February 2nd at the Hilltop Conference Center, Bellview Room from 4:00-5:00pm.

Nate Girard, 6th Grade ELA teacher, as our presenter. Nate’s experience as both a general education teacher and a special education teacher, brings a unique perspective to his presentation. Below is the description from My Learning Plan:

Certified Staff can sign up in My Learning Plan. Sign in sheets will be available for classified staff. We hope to see you there!

Eighth Grade Weekly

(Topics, AFLs, AOLs)

Social Studies:

Debate issues of the 20s: traditionalists vs. modernists; Study guide will be sent home Tuesday; AOL will be on Friday over Unit 6 (ch 26-29)


Begin career project presentations. Career paper due. Examining the Holocaust: Readings, Questions and Discussions. Unit Vocabulary.


Integrated Algebra 8th Grade -
Target Zero -due Monday.

We will continue our work with transformations and congruence.

Wade’s 2nd hr Math -

Target Zero -due Monday.

We will continue our work with writing equations for linear functions.

Algebra I -

Target Zero -due Monday.

We will begin solving multi-step equations, symbolically and using real-world applications.


We have introduced atomic theory and parts of the atom. AFLs on these topics will be ongoing as we work on modeling atoms, molecules, and chemical reactions in class.

Guided Study 8th Grade:

Students will continue to work on Personal Mission Statements for themselves. Also, we are reflecting on the first semester progress and updating our goals. Please ask your child what he/she is focusing on this semester


Early Release on January 26 will provide PLC time for:


**Student Data Reflection

Upcoming Leadership February 3

  • Three Tiered Lesson Plan Share Out 03/01
  • D/F Report Usage / Proactive Communication
  • Spread the Word to End the Word

    Seven Days

    Café Conversation

  • Student:Leadership Conversations (Goal Setting, Good Neighbors and Best Effort)

  • Step Up to Summer Learning

  • Coming Up Next

    (M), January 18: Enjoy your day!

    (W), January 20: Start sharing ER TCB names with Pam EARLY

    (R), January 21: Sixth Grade Orchestra Workshop (PRMS)

    (R), January 21: BVH Eighth Grade Band Night

    (F), January 22: KAP Ethics Training during PLC

    (F), January 22: 6/7 Panther Night

    (T), January 26: ER: Grade Prep, Data, Jars

    (T), January 26: Matinee Schedule

    (T), January 26: PD PLC: Problem Solving Process with Leadership

    (W),January 27: BVH Enrollment Evening (8th Grade)

    (R), January 28: 8th Math Recs sent to parents

    (R), January 28: Genius Hour (weekly through 3rd Quarter)

    (R), January 28/29: Musical

    (F), January 29: KAP Ethics Make ups (2:55)

    February 1 - 6: School Counseling Week

    (M), February 01: 6/7 Math Recommendation due to Sigg

    (T), February 02: Progress Report Window Open

    (F), February 05: Summer School List to Sigg from PLCs

    (F), February 05: PTO Meeting

    (F), February 05: Progress Report Window Closes

    (T), February 09: PTC 3:15 - 7:15 (Scheduled)

    (W), February 10: Band Guest Conductor (8th Grade - 7th/8th hour)

    (R), February 11: PTC all day (slight change coming at Leadership)

    (T), February 23: Early Release Schedule - Student Small Group Meetings with Sigg/Sperry

    (T), March 01: Three Tiered Lesson Plan Share out during PLC (by content)

    TMB Panyee FC short film