By Olivia Merrington 2BR

Birth rates

Early on the birth rates are very high. This would have been because women did not often carry a carrier and just relied on their husband's income. Then, rather suddenly the birth rates significantly fall as women need to work more to support their families as children now expect much more from their parents than they did 50 years ago, and since they are working more they do not have the time to look aster 3 or 4 children as they would have had a couple of decades ago. Now they only have the time to look after 1 or 2 children.

Death Rate

At the beginning as it was with birth rates, death rates were also really high with almost 4o per 1000 per year at the start. This would have been because recently we have found out lots of cures to diseases and we have progressed a lot medically. Whereas now we have less than half that at only 11 or 12 per 1000 per year!

Population Growth

Population growth is now rapidly increasing in Britain. This is because of immigration. People want to move out of their own countries and move to GB as:

-The country that they were leaving in could have been a warzone or could have had a naturual diasaster

_They were in danger in their own country

-They had wanted a better life and headed to Britain as they heard that it was a very rich country (unlikely to us though it seems)

This means that every day hundreds of people come to the country to immigrate hear therefore significantly increasing the population.