CTY NYC Parent Newsletter

Summer 2014, Session 2 - Week 3

Dear CTY Families,

Yesterday at the Open House, I grappled with big questions about personal identity, played original board games about infinity and the ancient world, learned how to inspect a crime scene, was serenaded about famous explorers, and read odes to cats and world peace. After a swift two hours, it was all over and it left me nostalgic about the community of students, staff, and parents that created CTY NYC over its first summer.

We will upload our site slideshow in the coming weeks, which we hope will be a reminder of the myriad experiences that made the students’ summer a memorable one. After a well-deserved break, I hope they will all return to school inspired to continue expanding their worldviews and their growing expertise in the subject matters they studied here. You are all now and forever a part of the global CTY community, and we hope you will continue to stay connected to us in the future. Have a wonderful remainder of the summer and best wishes to our students for their next academic year.


Shawn Chisty, Site Director

Week 3 Highlights

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From the Health Office

Have a safe and fun summer!

Remember to stay well hydrated, wear sunscreen, eat well balanced meals, and stay physically active. This helps students feel better, think better and ultimately learn better.

Denise and Anna

Contact us!

With the session ending, we are packing up our NYC site, including phone and email. Please email Andrew Moss (agmoss@jhu.edu) or Gen Chawluk (gen.chawluk@jhu.edu) with any questions. Enjoy the rest of your summer, and we'll see you next year!