Public Hearing TONIGHT at Keller Town Hall 7:00


The last public hearing is tonight! if you have not emailed city council, today will be the last opportunity to do so!

The Storage Warehouse proposed for Davis and Bear Creek Parkway is being brought before Keller City Council for another time , TONIGHT, January 19 , 2016 at 7:00pm. The meeting is at Keller Town Hall.

Even though many Keller citizens have spoken time and time again, the Storage Warehouse developers keep bringing this project back. It is a misfit for this area, but apparently, they do not hear the citizens and their opinions of what they want.

Regardless of what is allowed by law on that lot, a warehouse is bad—visually bad for that corner, bad for Creekside Pet Care’s business, certainly bad for Cube Smart’s business, bad for the property values of Hidden Lakes, Volterra, Lyndhurst, Rolling Wood, Creek Road, The Sanctuary, and for Creekview.

The developer who is interested in developing the corner of Davis and Bear Creek Parkway says “while it will not increase the values of residential real estate behind the storage facility, it won’t hurt them”.

  • Isn’t it everyone’s goal, when buying a home, that they can turn somewhat of a profit when selling it?
  • Doesn’t it seem to reason, that if it doesn’t help a home increase in value, it hurts it?
  • Why should one subdivision be relegated to stagnation, when the rest of Keller enjoys increase in value?
  • If its value does not increase, does that not hurt our ability to bring additional tax revenue into the city?
  • What happens if we have another downturn?

This is not just a small building, this is a massive edifice that is not just a charming building that is tucked away among other appealing offices. It is twice the size of Frost Bank (1707/Keller Parkway) on a much smaller lot. The sheer size and permanence of this building is not something that is appropriate for that lot.

If a chicken place goes out of business, it can be torn down and replaced. This warehouse will be permanent and will be forever affecting its surroundings, in fact, it can drive companies out of business, attracting companies that we may not want along that corridor.

As a value to Keller, it is not an office building that would bring day time traffic to Keller, lunch time traffic, or shopping traffic, which are all things we desperately need. It will have 2 or less employees.

This building is not in keeping with the buildings around it, or with anything else in Keller, for that matter. The sheer size of it will eclipse Creekside Pet Care, QT and the homes behind it and will stick out like a sore thumb around the one story buildings that line Davis.

These types of warehouses should be in industrial areas, as they are in Southlake. Southlake will not allow a storage warehouse to be built on Southlake Boulevard, on any major artery, nor behind their high end properties, and even North Richland Hills, with lower value subdivisions will not allow them either, so I am not sure why Keller should.

To me, it seems reckless and irresponsible to put a mammoth building, on a tiny lot, right on the street, backing up to luxury homes, in a town that has established itself as affluent, upscale and rural and is trying to keep its rural feel. There is nothing high end nor rural about this storage warehouse.

Your email and your calls are critical! If you have not emailed city council, this is the LAST CHANCE to do so.

Please email or call the following:

Mark Mathews:

Rick Barnes:

Armin Mizani:

Bill Hodnett:

Debbie Bryan:

Tom Cawthra:

Bill Dodge:

David Hawkins:

Your very concerned neighbor,

Jackie Black