Avon Middle School North Newsletter

June 2022

AMSN Office Staff

Susan Green, Principal

Ginger Davis, Assistant Principal

Ed Faughnan, Dean/Athletic Coordinator

Andrea Davasher, 7th grade Counselor

Allison West, 8th grade Counselor

Principal's Message - June 2022

Hello to Parents of Avon Middle School Students!

As we end this school year with a sense of accomplishment, we begin to prepare for school year 2022-23. Oriole Preview Day will occur on Thursday, July 21, 11:00 am-6:30 pm. At this time, incoming 7th and 8th graders with their parents will come to North to pick up class schedules, school supply lists and general school and athletic information. Realize that there are optional purchases to consider including prepaying for a Yearbook, gym uniform (or provide your own plain black gym shorts with no pockets and plain gray t-shirt), computer laptop bags, spirit wear, and funding lunch account.

It is very important that students keep their school-issued computers charged during the summer and that they log onto their computers weekly. If this is not done, the computer will lose synchronization and will need to be reset by a technician before it can be used upon the return to school.

If your child’s enrollment status changes over the summer and he or she will not be attending Avon Schools, the school-issued laptop and charger may be dropped off at Door 5 of Avon Middle School South between the hours of 8:00 am and 4 pm. This is the location of Avon Schools Technology Department.

Students have completed ILEARN and NWEA testing for this school year. ILEARN scores were sent out via ParentSquare on May 27, 2022. NWEA scores will be sent to parents electronically in early June.

I thank you for sharing your children with us at Avon Middle School North. Working together, I believe we make a great team in helping them to grow academically, socially, and emotionally. They are a pleasure with whom to work and make us proud as we note their accomplishments.

Have a safe and enjoyable summer break!

Susan Green


Biology Class Frog Dissection

Building Access

In Avon Schools, safety of our students and staff is our highest priority. A building access intercom system was installed at AMSNorth. Visitors will press the doorbell and be asked to identify yourself and provide a reason for your visit. Thank you for your patience in adapting to this updated, more secure system.
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Congratulations to our 4th Quarter Outstanding Orioles!!

Jackson Abernathy

Vanessa Guynn

Jaxson York

Jonas Eklou

Will Thompson

Karis Cottrell

McKae Meyer

Sean Kiel

Athletic Calendar

Athletic Calendar

Student Athletes - PRIVIT information

If your student is planning to participate in sports for next school year, please remember you'll need to update your student's PRIVIT information.

Physicals must be dated on or after April 1, 2022.
All online forms must also be updated - with student and parent signatures.

For students going to the high school - your information must be updated before participation in any summer workouts.

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Music Department News


If you are interested in taking private lessons over the summer, let your private lesson teacher know so that they can set a schedule.

Try to go hear a live performance where you have the opportunity to hear people play the instrument that you are learning.

Have a great summer!

Counselor's Corner - Ms. Davasher - 7th grade, Mrs. West - 8th grade

Here are some tips for how to talk to your kids about school shootings:

• First, don’t assume that your child doesn’t know anything about the recent school shooting, even if she is very young. She very likely has heard bits and pieces of information and may misunderstand the facts.

• Even though the shooting may have occurred several states away, the fact that it happened in a school classroom leads many children to take it personally. Your child may feel less safe in his own classroom, and it is important to address these concerns early.

• While it is important to avoid going into excessive detail regarding the school shooting, be sure to ask your child if there is anything she wants to talk about. Providing an opportunity for her to express her feelings and possible fears will help her feel safer and more understood.

• It is also appropriate to share with your child that you may feel sad, angry, or scared. However, avoid venting your negative feelings in front of your child. Rather, focus on discussing positive ways you cope with these feelings. Children are very good at reading their parents’ emotions. Parents who project a sense of calm and confidence, along with modeling healthy coping skills, will help their child feel more safe and secure.

• Work with your child to explore positive ways he can cope with his feelings. Children typically find comfort in taking some sort of action, such as lighting a candle, saying a prayer, drawing a picture, sending a card to a family affected by the tragedy, or donating to a charity involved in helping families in the tragedy.

• Your child may also develop some fear, anxiety, or apprehension about attending school. In addition to providing opportunities for her to share her feelings, remind her about the safety aspects of her school, including the people who watch out for her such as teachers and school bus drivers. You may also send your child to school with something she finds comforting, such as a favorite stuffed animal or action figure or a family picture. It is important to maintain your child’s normal school routine to increase feelings of safety.

• It is extremely important to limit your child’s exposure to media coverage of the school shooting. Research shows that children, and some adults, can experience second-hand symptoms of trauma through such media exposure. Avoid watching the TV news when your child is around. Wait until after his bedtime to watch the evening newscast. Likewise, avoid discussing the “gory details” of the school shooting in front of your child. Monitor the information your child is exposed to on the internet through sites such as Facebook and Twitter, as this exposure can also generate trauma symptoms.

• It is appropriate to consult a counselor or therapist if your child develops any significant symptoms in response to the recent school shooting. These may include problems sleeping, excessive fear or anxiety, or problems separating from parents or caregivers.

Office Procedures


If a student is absent from school, a parent or guardian must call the school at 317-544-5500 by 10:00 am to report the absence or send an email to MNattendance@avon-schools.org

Early Dismissal:

When students have to leave school early for special appointments, a note from a parent or guardian must be brought from home to secure an “Early Dismissal” slip from the office. The note must be brought to the front office before school starts.

Tardy to School:

If a student arrives after 9:20 am, he/she must sign in at the office before going to class. If a student reaches 5 tardy slips to school, he/she will receive an after school detention for each tardy after the fifth one (per semester).

AM/PM Car Rider Procedures:

Cars must merge into one lane before reaching Door 1. In the morning, students are not to leave the cars before 9:00! The doors are not unlocked until 9:05 am. Students are to stand socially distanced in the main hall until the 9:10 am bell rings.

In the afternoon, students wait for their cars as they stand along the car-loading section of the sidewalk. Drivers are to pull their cars along the sidewalk ALL THE WAY DOWN TO THE YELLOW SIGN THAT READS: STUDENT DROPOFF. When it rains, students will be dismissed from the cafeteria by radio when driver arrives at the student drop-off section of the curb. Student’s name is to be posted on the passenger window.

Homework Request:

Parents and students may obtain homework assignments through Schoology and monitor grades through Power Parent.


Please note that we do not accept food for students delivered from restaurants or outside delivery services.

Student Pick-up from Extra-Curricular Activities:

Any student who is picked up on the north side will need to be picked up in the football parking lot. The students may be athletes or ones involved in extra-curricular clubs/activities. We will block the north drive coming off of Dan Jones Road from the Northwest corner all the way to the tennis courts. We will also block the entrance/exit into the football parking lot from this street. If you enter off of Dan Jones Road, please know that you will need to proceed all the way around the building using the front drive to get to the football parking lot. The best way to enter is off of 10th street.

We are asking for all parents to wait for their children in the football parking lot spaces for safety concerns. Due to the number of athletes and students involved in other extra-curricular events walking to and from the building, it is important that we keep curbs clear of cars. This allows for drivers to see children better. This also allows for our student athletes to see traffic. All of our students’ safety is of utmost concern, so we are asking for your help in making our campus as safe as possible. Thank you from the entire Avon North Administrative staff.

Cafeteria News